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Similarities and Differences in Laptop Repair Costs

Many consumers prefer portable computers such as tablets and notebooks, otherwise known as laptops. While they are lightweight and far more versatile than a PC that sits on a desk, they are more fragile and often more expensive to repair. This is the inherent problem of fine technology: Components are either solidly attached or are manufactured only for a specific line of computers.

Similarities and Differences in Laptop Repair Costs

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What can Nokia Lumia 930 do that iPhone cannot

-Better granular camera controls than your iphone,

-”lens” feature making it easier for you to snap the perfect shot,

-Facebook, twitter and linkedin integration so you can tweet someone directly from the people hub;

-live tiles, getting information without having the need to open the app;

-Exclusive apps such as Office remote, nokia collection, HERE Drive with offline GPS capabilities;

-You can have your apps between your phone and PC, so you can keep doing where you left off;
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Apple iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 4: What is the difference?

So put the two best selling Apple devices head to head to help you decide which is the best one.

Design – When it comes to design the iPhone 4 flat out beats the 3GS thanks to the glass panels on both front and back. The iPhone 3GS has a curved back and it feels better in hand even though it is bit on the thicker side.

Apple iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 4

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Nokia Lumia 520 vs 530, which is better?

Nokia Lumia 520 vs 530

1. Display: – Nokia Lumia 520 have IPS display (with
scratch resistance glass) – Nokia Lumia 530 TFT (

2. Memory:- Nokia Lumia 520 have 8 GB internal memory
– Nokia Lumia 530 4 Gb internal memory ( Both have
extra memory card option)

3. Camera:- Both phones have same 5 MP camera but
Lumia 520 have geo tagging and can record videos
upto 720P
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Great apps for you web developers and marketers out there

Both web development and Internet marketing has undergone a lot of change since its early days. In this article we will discuss the best web development applications for developers and marketers. For an Android user who is also a web developer, an application like AndFTP is must have.  It is an FTP client that lets you transfer files to your web server using FTP, SFTP, SCP and FTPS protocols. Moreover you can set myriad FTP servers using AndFTP. You can also set permissions and manage files using its file browser.


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Why Samsung won in the last in Apple-Samsung lawsuit battle?

It seems like a win for Samsung. The only people making a killing during these lawsuits have been the lawyers on both sides. Apple’s fight has been around principles – not about money. A billion dollars here or there is not going to affect Apple’s massive coffers really.

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Why you should not buy cheap Android phones?

Most of Android phones, except Oplus and ASUS, are providing 4 GB storage. Usable which user gets its hardly 1 to 1.5 GB. Apps like FB and WhatsApp aren’t moveable to SD card. So install this app and gone – either you cannot update apps in future or install apps and low memory prompts. (I have experienced this in my HTC Explorer, which had really very low memory, and my friend using Xperia C is also facing same.)

Why you should not buy cheap Android phones

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Acer Aspire D250 BIOS Recovery

Something went wrong with your Aspire D250 BIOS? Download the latest BIOS from and follow these instructions:

Acer Aspire D250 BIOS Recovery

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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages, Contacts from Android, Samsung

Users can miss critical and valuable data when their computer become unbootable, stops responding or hard disk drive simply gets crashed suddenly. It is quite easy to make your system usable by third party recovery software such as Coolmuster Android Data Recovery of your system because it can return your most precious data. At this point, users need to download the program on their computer to restore data from the most recent back. Contacts loss happens unexpectedly. And many Android users are eager to recover our deleted contacts, because sometimes we do not do a backup. What do we do? Turn to an expert? The answer is no. But many may say that they can not take a risk, for those information are too important for them. Do not worry about it. It is 100% safe with your data.

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Why are third party applications worse on Windows Phone?

From a technical perspective, 3rd party apps are written in a completely different framework than 1st party apps. 3rd party apps for the most part run under managed code (C#) which in general is less performant than native code (C++) which is what 1st party apps are written in. 3rd party apps also have less access to certain capabilities of the OS, since the public SDK doesn’t have the relevant APIs exposed.
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