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Going to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Note 4

Just got the Note 5 coming from the Note 4. So far, I’m loving this phone. Very smooth, fluid and quick. Feels more optimized than previous Samsung smartphones I have owned in the past. A lot more comfortable to hold, and feels easier to manage with one hand. Very slim bezels. My battery life is even better than my Note 4, which was stellar to begin with. I’m not missing the removable battery at all. In fact, it feels like this is the way it should have been from the beginning.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Note 4

The fingerprint scanner is night and day compared to the Note 4. Very responsive and you can register your finger/’s in multiple positions so you don’t have to be super accurate in how you place your finger on the sensor.

The stylus is a lot more responsive and love the triggered pull out design, which makes it much easier to undock from the device.

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Why an SD card does not slow down your phone performance

This notion that SD cards hinder performance and are slow is straight up bull and good pr. Anyone who knows even a little about computing and how an OS operates know this. In fact, it can help the speed by distributing the task between chips. It’s very simple, keep read files on your SD card and OS Apps and files on internal storage.

SD card does not slow down your phone performance

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Port iOS or Android app to Windows phone

- Porting from iOS will take more work, but the API support is much better.  It gives you a universal app solution you can develop on to make use of native Windows 10 features and APIs, but with Android you may remain limited to what’s available in the translation layer.

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Why on screen buttons on Windows Phones a good thing

MS made the virtual keys available since WP8.1 Update 1, they are purposely trying to help the Android phone vendors to adopt Windows ROM without worrying about the hardware keys. Virtual keys are completely programmable. HTC M8 is an example. They can easily convert their existing flagships to Windows by installing a Windows ROM and some programming tweaks. Now the Xiami Mi4 is experimenting with the W10M by just loading up the W10M firmware.

windows phone onscreen buttons

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Why Microsoft should not give up on Windows Phone

There is no point in giving up. Eventually most apps will be HTML 5 making supporting all devices trivial. Hell Navy Federal Credit Union’s Android app is god awful when I loaded bluestack to look at it.
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Microsoft to stop selling Lumia in China, Japan

Nokia was very successful with a set up like this in most of the world during the Symbian days. People would go buy unlocked handsets of all kinds super expensive flagships (N8, N900, N95, etc.) as well as cheap value phones at full retail price at a Nokia Store and pick their GSM carrier as they saw fit. Nokia even tried this in the US with some flagship Nokia stores in LA and Chicago (I think, they were fading out as I joined and none were in my territory). They never made any meaningful impact on sales for Nokia in the US.

Microsoft to stop selling Lumia in China, Japan

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DOOGEE Y100 Pro specifications, available for pre booking

Doogee is one of those Chinese brands of smartphones that attracting a lot of attention in Europe. The DOOGEE Y100 Pro can be booked for a price remarkably lower than the previous model.

DOOGEE Y100 Pro specs

The Doogee Y100 specifications include MediaTek MTK6735 64-bit processor with four cores running at 1.3 GHz that is backed by an integrated PowerVR G6200 GPU by Imagination Technologies. The GPU is  capable of providing excellent performance in 3D applications and games. Other specs include 5-inch HD (720 x 1280) resolution, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass to ensure high protection against scratches.

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Fujitsu Lifebook T935 and Lifebook T725 launched in Italy

The new convertible Tablet PCs from Fujitsu, the Lifebook T935 and Lifebook T725 are available in Italian stores. Priced between 1250 and 1900 euro, both Lifebook T935 and Lifebook T725 offer screen resolution of either FHD (1920 × 1080) or WQHD ( 2560 × 1440 ) with brightness of 350 cd / m2.

Fujitsu Lifebook T935 725 review

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Teclast X70 3G is first Android tablet with Atom X3 CPU

Intel Atom processors are designed for tablets, low end computers and smartphones. This year, the CPU giant is introducing a new list of Atom processors that are more powerful than the current generation. Teclast X70 3G is the first tablet to make use of the newly launched Intel Atom X3 processor.

Teclast X70 3G review

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MSI PE60 Prestige specifications, features GeForce 960M and i7 processor

MSI PE60 is the first model to enter the company’s new notebook range – the Prestige. Priced at 1199 euro for the starting model, you get a Core i7 4720HQ processor backed by Nvidia GeForce 960M or 950M processor. Folks at notebook news note that both PE60 and PE70 have similar specifications except for the difference in display size.

MSI PE60 Prestige specifications

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