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You need to get a real computer, my friend

apple ipad

MS’ CEO took at some jabs at Apple when he saw a reporter using an iPad for writing the notes. He told him, “You need to get a real computer, my friend”. That’s exactly what IBM said to people when IBM saw the first personal computer – IBM people thought it was a joke. Well, the joke was on them. It was easier for IBM to deal with corporations than deal with consumers – IBM had no idea how to deal with consumers, and Microsoft ate their lunch. Nadella has no idea how to deal with consumers, and he’s making a ton of money dealing with corporations, so why should he deal with consumers? So, he follows IBM’s strategy from 1985. Good luck with that.

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Paragon Coin is scam: Do not invest in Paragon Coin

We have come across many crypto currencies but not all are useful like Safex and Neo – there are some scams too, like the one that we are going to discuss in this article. It is about the Paragon Coin who have been exposed on reddit and their PR team is down voting all the posts that explain why it is a scam. One user has seen his post going from 60 votes to zero in matter of few minutes.

paragon coin review scam

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Safex coin is excellent investment: Top crypto currency to invest is Safex

Safex is an excellent investment right now if you are into crypto currencies. The potential for an anonymous block chain market is tremendous. To get in at the ground floor of a coin that pays dividends on the transactions happening on said block chain is is even better. There is obviously risk in investing because anything could happen and the project could not reach it’s potential. If all goes according to plan, the coins are useful on two fronts.

Safex coin

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Six Intel Coffee Lake Processors leaked

A few days ago a catch of CPU-Z was leaked where one of the first 6-core processors belonging to Coffee Lake appeared . Today the subject has gone to much more, when they have filtered all the processors of 6 cores for this new architecture. That leaves us some interesting data to comment. As always happens with the leaks, remember that we have to take them with enough precaution. Intel’s new Coffee Lake core has its release relatively close in time. It is curious that Intel will "remove" Kaby Lake as soon as the market. But it’s also true that when it went on sale, Intel did not have any real competition in that market. However, the arrival of Ryzen has completely disrupted the schemes to the blue giant. And now they do not feel so safe anymore.

Six Intel Coffee Lake Processors leaked

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AMD Radeon RX Vega Frontier Edition is designed for professionals, not gamers

AMD Radeon RX Vega Frontier Edition

Although the AMD Radeon RX Vega Frontier Edition are graphics cards that were not launched with Gaming in mind , it is clear that many users would buy them for it even if it was a secondary mode. However, performance has been rather disappointing , and AMD has wanted to make it clear that we should not take the results seen so far by far. According to the first leaks that have occurred, the game performance of the Frontier Edition has been rather disappointing, placing between a GTX 1070 and a GTX 1080. Given that AMD was expected to launch a graphics solution that exceeded the GTX 1080 Ti , This has been quite disappointing, even though from the outset the red company warned that these graphics were not designed to play. But of course, 4096 Stream Processors and 16 GB of HBM2 memory, bearing in mind that Vega is the first high-performance architecture since the Fury, should give a lot more of it in theory.

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New My Passport Ultra by Western Digital launched: WDBFKT0040BGD, WDBFKT0040BGY, WDBFKT0030BGY, WDBFKT0030BGD, WDBFKT0020BGY

Western Digital has updated its My Passport Ultra line of small form factor external hard drives this week . The new hard drives use a new external box and come with software that backs up the data. Not only local computers, but also social networks and services in the cloud. In terms of capacity and interfaces, the new HDDs continue to offer up to 4TB of storage space and use a USB 3.0 interface. Pursuing, as always, the maximum compatibility between the device and the different operating systems. The new WD My Passport Ultra external hard drives come in a new metal case. With finishes in black gray or white gold, whether metallized or matte. These finishes mimic the design of other external storage devices of the company. The 1TB drive uses a thinner box measuring 13.5mm 0.53″, while models with capacities of 2TB, 3TB and 4TB have a thickness of 21.5mm 0.85”.

New My Passport Ultra

Here is the model list –


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Alienware AW-2518 monitor has best refresh rate

Is the Alienware AW-2518 the world’s best refresh rate monitor? Dell Alienware has just released its two new Alienware AW-2518 monitors . One with surname -H, the other with last name -HF. The difference between the two models is that one of them supports Nvidia G-Sync, the other AMD FreeSync. Removing that detail, both monitors are identical even in the refresh rate, which are a staggering 240 Hz. These models use the AU Optronics AUO M250HTN01 panel, which is a 24.5 “TN Twisted Nematic panel, built for speed. Here are the features of Alienware AW-2518.

Alienware AW-2518 review

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Lemfo Les 1 Smartwatch has 3G SIM: Lemfo Les 1 Smartwatch features and price

Today, smartwatches are already a complement to everyday life more than a gadget, so finding a suitable gadget is an arduous task for many, more for those who want to have everything but their budget is limited. Today we are going to talk about LEMFO LES 1 , a smartwatch that is postulated as a great candidate precisely for those types of users who want everything but also want to pay little. A smartwatch that boasts of having it all is usually quite rough and cumbersome to use. The LEMFO LES 1 has been built with this in mind, and has an aluminum housing with plastic closure from behind, with a heart rate sensor that does not protrude almost anything and does not disturb. The device has a size and weights suitable for any type of users, although of course, as it mounts a 1.39 inch touch screen may be great to some.

Lemfo Les 1 Smartwatch review

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