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Download Odex Deodex ROM for Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is now getting into the hands of talented folks at XDA-developers and today they have churned out odex and deodex ROMs for the android tablet. Both ROMs are debloated, rooted and have busy box pre installed.

Download Odex Deodex ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

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MSI GT72S Dominator Pro G LE features Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 GPU

On its 29th anniversary, MSI has launched a limited edition gaming laptop called MSI GT72S Dominator Pro G LE that integrates an Intel Core i7 6820HK and Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 GPU.

MSI GT72S Dominator Pro G LE review

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NEC Lavie Tab W Updated, cherry trail processor, window 10 and stylus support

NEC LaVie Tab W has been upgraded and the new model that costs about 600 euro (same as Microsoft Surface 3) integrates an Intel Atom x7 Z8700 chip, 4GB RAM / 64GB flash storage, Windows 10, pen and keyboard dock.

NEC Lavie Tab W 2015 model

NEC Lavie Tab W was launched back in mid of October 2014 and today the Japanese company has completely renewed its specifications sheet.

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Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536, finally a daily driver

Until now, the windows 10 mobile users were not able to enjoy a single build that could be used as a daily driver. Until now  – Microsoft’s new built for users on fast ring on Windows Insiders can download the build 10536 that is lot faster and stable than any version released so far.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536

Good stuff:
Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 a lot faster than previous builds!
battery life better in idle (dropped 5 percent over night, still worse than 8.1 though)
system feels more polished UI wise, smoother
the pictures app has no hamburger menu which is nice, I hope they will get rid of it
the lockscreen is smooth and fast in this build
better battery life in idle.

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Easiest way to convert MKV video to MP4

MKV used to be a very popular video format but over the past few years, its popularity has gone downright spiral. They are not natively playable on mobile devices like iPhone and android. Often, the playback is not exactly as smooth as other formats. So it is a good idea to convert those files to MP4 which is currently the most popular video file format. You can play MP4 file on any device including iPhone, Windows, Android, Macintosh, Linux and windows phone without needing any additional third party app.

mpk to mp4 converter

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Carrying Apple iPod Touch with Windows Phone

I semi-frequently carry a 5th-gen iPod touch for music (mostly with Groove), podcasts (with iOS podcasts app) and mapping (mostly HERE maps for offline capability), since my 32gb WP doesn’t have the storage space for these and it saves on phone battery. Don’t often use any other apps, there isn’t really anything I care about that isn’t available on Windows Phone.

windows phone and ipod touch 5

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Is 4K on Sony Xperia Z5 phone useless?

I am not going to say that 4K is TOTALLY useless(because it is), but people need to know one thing: Actual resolution of screen in not big problem for battery, most of power is taken by backlight, and backlight is still the typical size of 5.5". Problem start with rendering stuff on the screen. Because of crappy Material Design that its made from useless amount of layers and almost invisible shadows Its taking loots of resources to make it smooth, And 4k is huge amount of pixels that need to be processed by CPU and GPU all the time, even when you just scroll menu.

Is 4K on Sony Xperia Z5 phone useless

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Going to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Note 4

Just got the Note 5 coming from the Note 4. So far, I’m loving this phone. Very smooth, fluid and quick. Feels more optimized than previous Samsung smartphones I have owned in the past. A lot more comfortable to hold, and feels easier to manage with one hand. Very slim bezels. My battery life is even better than my Note 4, which was stellar to begin with. I’m not missing the removable battery at all. In fact, it feels like this is the way it should have been from the beginning.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Note 4

The fingerprint scanner is night and day compared to the Note 4. Very responsive and you can register your finger/’s in multiple positions so you don’t have to be super accurate in how you place your finger on the sensor.

The stylus is a lot more responsive and love the triggered pull out design, which makes it much easier to undock from the device.

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Why an SD card does not slow down your phone performance

This notion that SD cards hinder performance and are slow is straight up bull and good pr. Anyone who knows even a little about computing and how an OS operates know this. In fact, it can help the speed by distributing the task between chips. It’s very simple, keep read files on your SD card and OS Apps and files on internal storage.

SD card does not slow down your phone performance

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Port iOS or Android app to Windows phone

- Porting from iOS will take more work, but the API support is much better.  It gives you a universal app solution you can develop on to make use of native Windows 10 features and APIs, but with Android you may remain limited to what’s available in the translation layer.

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