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Download CM13 Galaxy On7 Pro ROM | Cyanogen Mod 13 ON7 Pro

CM13 cyanogen mod 13 ROM for Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro is available. This will give you Android 6.0.1 stock version just like what is found in all stock google android phones. It shall be kept in mind that all Samsung warranty covers software modifications on your Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro.

Download CM13 Galaxy On7 Pro ROM

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Xiaomi 5S Custom Recovery | TWRP for Xiaomi 5S download

Xiaomi 5S TWRP is available for download and that is a big news for all the modders and people who like installing custom ROMs. Installing it will make your android phone out of warranty so proceed with caution. Installation instructions are given below.

Xiaomi 5S Custom Recovery

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Xiaomi Mi Max Android 7 Light ROM without bloatware

This is best Xiaomi Mi Max ROM. Some people like having feature-rich ROMs while others find those features pretty darn useless. This Xiaomi Mi Max ROM is based on android 7 nougat’s sources. It is for those who are looking for a light ROM. It will make your android phone run faster and there will be more free memory.

Xiaomi Mi Max Light ROM

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HP Spectre x360 15t has full RGB display

HP Spectre x360 15t is a convertible laptop that is on sale right now. It is one of the first HP laptops and ultrabooks to don a true 4K UHD display with full RGB panel. This has been confirmed by multiple users who had earlier pre-ordered this amazing ultrabook.

HP Spectre x360 15t

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Download Xiomi Mi Max TWRP Recovery | Download MiPhone Drivers

TWRP for Xiaomi Mi Max is available for download and that lets you install custom ROMs on your android phone with ease. There is no official changelog available for this v3 version but it is working like a charm on the Xiaomi Mi Max. Installation instructions are given below.

Download Xiomi Mi Max TWRP Recovery

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Ockel Sirius A review and comparison with Viotek Pipo 7 inch mini PC

Ockel Sirius A review

I have one of those Chinese devices (7" VIOTEK, AKA PIPO), and it is poorly made, though I really like the device, and I even use it to run Android plus Windows 10, at the same time, using AMIDuOS having it really makes clear that the app gap is really a non-issue for Windows phones in the future, since AMIDuOS even runs 3D games without much performance loss.

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EaseUS Partition Master review: Best partition manager for your PC

If you are looking for a free disk partitioning software for your computer, then EaseUS Partition Master is the best one out there. This software is not only feature-rich but is extremely easy to use as well. It is compatible with all versions of windows released till date and this includes windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / vista and even XP. Read more about it in this EaseUS Partition Master review.


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What did Nokia did and Microsoft did not

They didn’t do something of value. And worse is they didn’t even try. I understand that Nadella wasn’t happy about the acquisition, but still after a 7 billion dollar deal and another couple billion in integration costs they could have at least tried to do something with it.

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Galaxy Note 7 will flop

Galaxy Note 7 will flop

Samsung really blew it with the Galaxy Note 7 that is currently its flagship. Things I have experience with my Note 7’s (Yes plural):

Consistent Keyboard Lag
Dropped frame-rates across the UI
App opening delays
Scrolling lag….Very bad scrolling lag, especially with Hangouts
Browsing lag and stutter
UI Jumpiness, so bad to the point I’m clicking on an app on a home screen I didn’t even change to yet (if that makes sense). Not a specific measure, but my Nexus 6P rarely ever has any of the problems listed above and overall performance obliterates the Note 7.

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