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Why are third party applications worse on Windows Phone?

From a technical perspective, 3rd party apps are written in a completely different framework than 1st party apps. 3rd party apps for the most part run under managed code (C#) which in general is less performant than native code (C++) which is what 1st party apps are written in. 3rd party apps also have less access to certain capabilities of the OS, since the public SDK doesn’t have the relevant APIs exposed.
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Xbox Music and weekly updates on WP8.1

1) Given the quality of XBM (Xbox Music) and that its the unchangeable default for 8.1, a fortnightly update schedule to me is unfortunately inadequate. The app obviously needs a lot of work, and maybe a few better coders who know their stuff.
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Why phone manufacturers love making Android phones?

Having android free, has allowed the manufactures to make a whole range of devices with no licensing costs, where as for Windows Phone, they have paid for the one device.

Microsoft gets this finally and 8.1 has less limitations in that regard, but this just means there is a lesser risk in producing phones for Windows Phone.

Why phone manufacturers love making Android phones
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Why Windows Phone has a long way to go?

Just to be fair here, 8.1 isn’t officially out and won’t be for a while. We’ve had it for months but the average Joe is still using 8.0.

Also, to be fair, Microsoft has been incredibly slow to adopt any and all changes since 8.0 launched. Instead of fixing bugs as they’re found, they put out large, spaced out updates that were carrier dependent and in many cases came MONTHS after they were released by Microsoft. I sat by while folks in India got GDR2 weeks before I did.

Why Windows Phone has a long way to go
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Why not all windows phone games have achievements?

MS view Achievements as valuable and protect the integrity of their “worth” very closely. i.e. they have a certain difficulty or time input to get.

In other words, developers can’t just add Achievements to any game because it wouldn’t be long before someone made a game that handed out 250 points for pressing the start button, which would then devalue the whole Achievement “economy”.

Why not all windows phone games have achievements
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Which is the best VOB converter?

VOB, short form of Video Object is a container format for the DVD video which can contain digital audio, video, menus and subtitles. While DVD players support this format out of the box, mobile devices do not play it. So if you are planning to watch a DVD on your smartphone or media player, you must first convert it to a mobile format. For playback on computer, you require special applications, most of which are not free.

best vob converter

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Are Microsoft Apologists killing windows phone?

I’m at the point where I wonder if its worth saving? It’s an unknown and underfeatured OS running outdated third party apps and even most first party apps are many features behind. Hubs are gutted, quick additions throughout the OS gone, forcing users to constantly jump into subpar mainstream apps.

Microsoft Apologists
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Windows Phone is unimportant to Microsoft and Business houses

How many business folks use iPhone vs WP? A lot. Skype has been integrated with the Microsoft Lync service, which is part of the Office365 business solution, which maybe explains the polish and attention given to Skype iOS vs WP. The next step for MS is to load the WP OS with business related functions, like device encryption, secure e-mail, vpn etc. to convince businesses to adopt the Windows Phone to get the complete integrated and secure solution for running business apps and accessing stuff in SQL server databases and the Azure cloud.

Windows Phone is unimportant to Microsoft and Business houses
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Nokia Lumia 1520 review, after the buzz

I’ve had my 1520 32gb since February, I put 8.1 on as soon as it was available and I love it. My colleagues have turned into 1520 groupies and fondle it whenever they see it on my desk.
Seriously I haven’t had any of the problems I’ve seen others have with this phone. No lock button problem, no slowness, no dim screen no battery issues, no Wi-Fi problems. Apart from Xbox music no nothing.

nokia lumia 1520 review

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Best sites to promote windows phone applications?

If your app is good and has some cool features sites like WPCentral, “WMPoweruser” , WinSource, Windows Phone daily can cover it. You can get your downloads to increase. I had mine peak to around 4000 in 2 days when it was featured on WPCentral.

Also if your app is featured in the store even better. However you cannot control that.

windows phone app promotion
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