25 Ways to make Galaxy Tab better

Galaxy Tab is the best Android tablet in the market today, but what would it take to make the Galaxy Tab the ultimate tablet out there? Here is the list:

how to make galaxy tab better

  1. Better protection of UI experience under load. (Run UI in separate core? Possible hardware change required for that.)
  2. Improve UI physics. Response rate needs to be 20ms or less. (I believe from my audio work in the past that 20ms is where delays become noticeable. I could be wrong but you know what I’m getting at right?) Try a drum-machine programme, It’s impossible. (Android 2.3 bring in features that can improve this through the use of the NDK)
  3. DLNA improvements. (Receivers and senders need to improve compatibility.)
  4. Protect the audio playback from stutters in multitasking scenarios. Critical. (How about a ‘dedicated’ mode where the application is brought to ‘realtime’ status – in effect, like iOS does.
  5. Vastly improved audio library features. playlist import/export, cross-fading, id3 tag editing, jukebox mode, cover retrieval, radio streams, integration with Last.fm amd similar services. Much quicker media scanning.
  6. Easier way to auto-organise applications list. Sort-by: most used, alphabetical, recently added, categorise (based on market categorisation) Apps list is as important as an audio catalogue. Genres, personal ratings on client should feed back to Market.There are a ton of improvements that can be made here.
  7. Samsung apps style improvements. Lose the wood-grain effect or allow theming! Some feature improvements are also possible.
  8. More video content to buy / stream. Major issue outside the U.S.
  9. Full BT 3.0 (wifi TX support, near-field pairing)
  10. Longer battery life (of course!) Important – battery save mode that schedules network usage. Significant improvements will require hardware changes.
  11. More tablet / pro apps to be included via the Samsung catalogue
  12. Better gallery with sort, date search, rename, tagging, face detection etc. Stock Gallery is very limited.
  13. Better printing support. Google Cloud Print service should fix this.
  14. Apt-x codec support over BT A2DP. (Or some other HQ wireless audio transmission capability)
  15. SMS remote kill feature
  16. Compatibility with camera applications
  17. Timed profiles, turn to silence.
  18. Improve speed of re-scanning Wifi access points. Can be extremely slow in some situations.
  19. Occasionally boot-up time can run into 2 minutes or more. This needs to be improved
  20. Hot-swap SIM cards (where applicable)
  21. Slippery when dry. The smooth, easy wipe finish needs a couple of high-friction areas for book-reading
  22. AC3 and DTS soundtrack handling. (Down-sampling to 2-channel and pass-through for HDMI)
  23. Lower the lowest screen brightness (for use in-bed)
  24. Better GPS.  Sensitivity.
  25. Replaceable battery



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