Easiest way to extend Battery Life

There are two ways of making the Galaxy Tab run longer. First is to underclock it and second is getting an external battery pack. So, here are few that are compatible with the Tab.


ZAGGsparq 4000 mAh $90 @ fommy

Mophie – Juice Pack Powerstation 3600 mAh $99 @ BestBuy
ClearMax External Battery Pack 5000 mAh $39 @ eBay (questionable)
eGear UB-181 1800 mAh $19 @ eBay
eGear S220 (3-way charge: Solar,ac&usb) 2200 mAh $39 @ eBay
Yoobao YB-602 Power Bank (White or Black) 4800mAh $49 @ eBay

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