Modem Switcher (T-Mobile)

This is a hack to change modems so that you can run 3G (Phone+2G) whenever you want to.


1) Install "GScript Lite" and BusyBox Installer from the market
2) Extract to your sdcard, so that there is a directory called /sdcard/modemswitch with the 5 files in it.
3) Copy /sdcard/modemswitch/ to the /sdcard/gscript/ directory.
4) Open GScript, press menu, press "Add Script", press "Load from file", select, press save.
5) Press & Hold desktop, choose "shortcuts", select "GScript Lite", select "switch"
6) Disconnect USB cable and/or unmount /sdcard.
7) Done! Now press the "switch" desktop icon to switch modems
8) Tab will reboot with new modem in effect. JJB=3g JL3=voice

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