Optus My Tab Review

If you find Galaxy Tab expensive, you might want to take a look at the Optus My Tab. This Tablet weighs just 400 grams and sports a 7-inch display, just like the Galaxy Tab. However, it packs lesser number of pixels – 800×480 (Galaxy Tab has a WSVGA display – read Galaxy Tab Review).


Folks at Zdnet got one for review and found the performance to be satisfactory. They got 26fps in Neocore which is pretty good for  a tablet this cheap. Things they did not like about the My Tab include poor camera and Android 2.1 (which means no flash). They were also disappointed to lack of multi-touch gesture support. Battery life is definitely one of the plus points of the My Tab which delivers 1.5 days of intensive use. The tablet costs just 279 Australian Dollars, much cheaper than the Galaxy Tab

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