Root Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 running Android 4.2.2

Samsung recently rolled out Android 4.2.2 for the Galaxy Tab 2 8.0 P3110, P3113 and P3100 users. This guide will help you to root your Tab 2 7.0. Keep in mind that Android 4.2.2 requires an updated busybox and root package, so the root procedure for Android 4.2.1 or 4.1.1 will not work.

Root Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 running Android 4.2.2

- Make sure Kies is Closed
- Download this file and copy the zip file to your Tab 2 7.0
- Disconnect the Tab from your PC
- Restart your Tab in Download Mode (Power Off Tab then Hold Volume Down and Power Button)
- Open Odin [download link] and UNCHECK "Auto Reboot" only
- Download CWM recovery image. If you are using P3113, get this; P3110 get this and if you are on P3100, get this. Click the PDA button and find the CWM Tar file and select it (DO NOT HIT START YET)

Root Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 p3110 p3113 p3100
- Plug in your Tab to the PC at which point the first "ID:COM" box should turn yellow and the Message windows should read "Added"
- Now, Hit Start
- When Completed the "ID:COM" Box should turn Green and right above it it should say "Pass"
- **Now the Following 3 Steps are Crucial, so read them carefully**
- Disconnect the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 from your PC
- Hold down THE POWER BUTTON ONLY so the Tab will Turn Off
- Restart the Tab in Recovery Mode (Hold Volume Up and Power Button), this should get you into CWM
- In CWM, Select "Install Zip from SDCard" and find the Gtab2 JB Rooter zip file and install it
- Select "Go Back+++" and then "Reboot Device"
- At this Time, CWM will ask if you want to prevent the OS from Removing CMW, "SELECT YES"
- That’s it. When your Tab Starts up, you will have SuperSU installed, Open it, Update it, whatever you want.

If you are on Android 4.1.1, follow steps given here


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