About Windows Phone Lame App Reviews

It seems like a shocking amount of people running 8.1 don’t realize that its a preview and not an actual full update. I am shocked Apple and Microsoft don’t disable reviews for test releases. It’s infuriating to see developers get slammed by idiots without any way to mitigate the problem.
About Windows Phone Lame App Reviews
The one that annoys me is when people post reviews like

OMG TOTL RIPOFF SHUD BE FREE PLAYSTORE SO MUCH BETTR THN WINDOWS STORE” for a full, decent sized game that costs 99p.

Same thing happened on Android as well. People berate developers for not supporting ART (Android Runtime) despite the fact that it is not yet the default on Android handsets. I remember reading about it on /r/android and thinking to myself that we would get a similar situation here with WP8.1, and, well, here it is. The ONLY time that it is fair to berate a developer that their app doesn’t work on 8.1 is for 8.1 exclusive apps, and even then you should go easy on them and consider that 8.1 has only just been released. Other than that, it is unacceptable to criticise an app for not supporting 8.1.

As previously mentioned, this mentality isn’t just us:

* iOS 7 had this issue too, where everyone got their hands on the public betas and would either complain when 1. Their beta expired and they forgot to update, or 2. an app didn’t conform to the iOS 7 design standards or work with iOS 7 flawlessly.

* Android is still having this issue with ART, where apps are getting crap ratings for not supporting ART despite it being a developer feature only. People saw the speed benefits and wanted in on it despite it not being finished, and then got mad when some of their apps failed to work.

In short, if it’s a BETA product, expect unpredictable results.

It *is* a full update, but it’s meant for developers. Not consumers. And that would be partially because not all apps are ready for 8.1.

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