Capcom adds story mode to Street Fighter V

It doesn’t change the fact that all this stuff should have been in the game to begin with. Instead they rushed out a beta for some stupid fighter game tournament that the vast majority don’t care about. The disc itself is absolutely worthless to a collector like myself. Years down the line when nothing is playable online and/or you lose all your update data, its going to be next to unplayable. Capcom should have offered refunds, and free games to all the people they scammed into buying this trash.

Street Fighter V story mode

They sunk to a new level in selling an unfinished game to the public. Then they try to play the good guy and act like their giving you all this free stuff. Anyway, as a long time Capcom fan since their early NES days, i’ve officially cut all support to Capcom. If I ever buy any product with a Capcom name on it again, it will be used so they don’t see a dime.

I love how they seem to really push the word “free” update like they are providing us with something well above and beyond what should have already been apart of the original game… I jumped the gun on this one, never again will I be buying their product without looking into what others say first.

I am happy though that they are finally releasing some much needed content. First it was supposed to be March and thought surely April, and now I guess not May but June! Been waiting for some other stuff to do and things to purchase with the points for months now.

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