Finding best photo editing laptops: what to avoid

If you are in the market for best laptop for photo editing, there are certain things you must keep in mind. You should not buy the top end laptop with highest possible graphics card because that would be just waste of money. We are not saying those laptops are not great for photo editing but you can get same work done in laptops with much cheaper price tag. Cheaper laptops can serve your purpose perfectly fine but you should keep certain points in mind when buying a laptop for photo editing.
Cheapest laptop for photo editing

A good laptop for photo editing in 2016 should have a powerful processor and a decent graphics card as well as these days a lot of photo editing apps make use of built in graphics card to render graphics. Now we will tell you what to avoid when buying a laptop for photo editing.

First and foremost – avoid laptops with 2GB RAM. These photo editing apps gobble up memory like there is no tomorrow so avoid those cheap netbooks and windows laptops with 2GB RAM. If you do you’ll find your photo editing app struggling to apply a particular effect or when exporting a picture.

Second thing to avoid are small hard disk drives. Photo raw files take up a lot of storage on your laptop so you will soon run out of space when buying a laptop with small hard disk drive.

Third and one of the main things to avoid when buying a laptop for photo editing in 2016 are laptops with integrated graphics. Some people just buy high end laptops like Thinkpad X260 packing lots of horsepower and later find them unfit for photo editing. This is because while their laptop packs more than enough processing power for doing heavy duty tasks, it lacks discrete graphics card to render graphics in photo editing apps. In this way, even a laptop with medium level graphics card will beat this high end laptop and emerge as better laptop for photo editing.

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