Sony stops selling VAIO Z in US, Japan and Hong Kong

Sony no longer seems to be selling its flagship, Vaio Z in Japan, Hong Kong and US. This is a sad news for the power users who yearned for a light weight ultraportable (3 lbs) with full voltage processor and full HD IPS display. Sony is still selling the Vaio in Canada though. We assume they are clearing out the parts bin there. Right now, Sony is only selling last remaining refurbished Z-series in US with 25 percent discount.

sony vaio z

Some may argue that ULV ultrabooks offer similar functionality. I would like to clear that the Core i7 3612QM processor is much more powerful than the i7 Ultra low voltage processor being used in the ultrabooks. Number of cores offered by 3612QM are 4 – vs 2 in i7 ultrabooks. This is reflected in the TDP – 35 watts vs 17 watts. Passmark benchmark scores are different too – 6902 for i7 3612QM vs 3822 for an i7 3667U (which is top of the line Ivy Bridge processor for ultrabooks).

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