WannaCry hacker announces sale of collected confidential information

Hacker group "The Shadow Brokers" who leaked cyber spy tool of US home security agency and became the beginning of worldwide ran-sum wear attack including "Wanna Cry" sold confidential information collected on 16th (US time) Announced a statement.

WannaCry hacker

According to The Shadow Brokers statement, after June monthly monthly service called "Data Dump of the Month" is started and information including confidential information is provided monthly to members paying membership fee.

"Data Dump of the Month" includes "exploits and tools of browsers, routers, smartphones", "Opus Disks including new exploits of Windows 10", "data stolen from SWIFT providers and central banks", " Nuclear and missile data stolen from Russia, China, Iran, North Korea "are listed. I decided to leave the members how to use these information.

The Shadow Brokers was planning to sell the Cyber ​​Spy tool before the US Home Security Agency in the auction form in August last year, but failed. However, due to the announcement of the monthly model at this time, the risk of reaching more people is increased.

The Shadow Brokers says it will announce the details in June.

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