Why I prefer Asus 1101HA over Acer 751H

Easily overclockable. This was difficult to get working on the 751H and is as user-unfriendly as you can get.  Doesn’t overclock as much as the 1101HA. Integrated battery – I cannot tell you how much I despise batteries that stick out (yeah it’s pretty common in laptops – but were talking netbooks!). My 751H had warranty stickers on everything including the RAM. At least I can access my RAM on the 1101HA. (doesn’t seem to be any seals in the US though)

acer 751h vs asus 1101ha


Other thoughts


I don’t like the fan noise, but that’s only in a quiet situation (got a TV on? Fan on? the noise will be drowned out) where I can use EeeCtl to control the fan.


I find typing easier on the 751H because it has larger keys. Plus it has a larger right shift key. They don’t actually feel any better than the 1101HA keys. Different feeling. Overall prefer the 751H keyboard. 1101HA keyboard is slightly larger than your average 10-inch keyboard.


Preferred the touchpad/buttons on the 751H. Seems to be a lot of friction on the 1101HA and the button is flush with the chassis so sometimes I end up hitting the chassis when my finger is half on the button. I tend to use my mouse mostly though so it’s not that big a deal to me.


1101HA on the inside at least. Feels cheap to me. My enter key makes a funny sound when I hit it. 751H feels higher quality.


Sound on the 751H is better quality and you have dolby headphone which sounds good with headphones on, though on the 1101HA is not that far behind in terms of speaker quality.


Big difference between the two: You can get the Acer 751H for about $340 (XP). The 1101HA goes for about $420 if you get a deal.

Some questions from commenters:
1 – In this Acer 751H review, the reviewer mentioned using Windows 7. I would be very interested in messing around with windows 7 and rather going through the hassle of installing it on my main PC it would be nice to install it on this laptop. Did you notice any major performance loss/gain when using Windows 7 compared to Windows XP?

2 – I saw some people saying that watching youtube videos, HD or not, was next to impossible. Is this true?

3 – I also saw reports of major browser hanging when using firefox, did you notice this?

4 – Multitasking. How much can it handle? (I will generally have an IM client, a web browser and some music open)

5 – I am a complete newbie to netbooks (I still remember having a laptop with a 10gb HDD costing me >£500) and was just wondering if a case/protective sleeve is an essential thing. I really hate scratching stuff!

Answers to these questions:

1) Windows 7: I will be trying that today. I am fearing the SHE software won’t run or something. On these netbooks with GMA500 graphics, I notice performance is not that good compared to Windows XP, unless you turn off the fancy graphics on Windows 7. The biggest problem with Windows 7 is driver compatibility.. anyway will try that out today.

2) YouTube is no worse or better than any other netbook which is this: Some HD videos play, all SD videos play. The really big HD videos do not.

3) If you could, could you link me to your sources? I have no problem with YouTube even when running in power saving mode.

4) It will handle that much easily. Certainly doesn’t feel as speedy as your average Atom N270/280 netbook, but again it has a bigger resolution to push. Overclocking helps a little, I think.. could just be in my mind.

5) If you’re taking it outdoors, definitely. I find this kind of plastic easy to scratch.

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