Windows Phone is unimportant to Microsoft and Business houses

How many business folks use iPhone vs WP? A lot. Skype has been integrated with the Microsoft Lync service, which is part of the Office365 business solution, which maybe explains the polish and attention given to Skype iOS vs WP. The next step for MS is to load the WP OS with business related functions, like device encryption, secure e-mail, vpn etc. to convince businesses to adopt the Windows Phone to get the complete integrated and secure solution for running business apps and accessing stuff in SQL server databases and the Azure cloud.

Windows Phone is unimportant to Microsoft and Business houses

I guess IT admins would love to have a single set of tools and a single way of securing the network, app and devices an so on; they would love to have an IT environment supplied by a single trusted and open vendor – no, a partner really – for economic and contractual reasons (and other reasons too, like service level agreements (SLA), or if there’s some weird error, MS can pull a team together that represents the different departments involved in solving the bug).

So, instead of solely focusing on the consumer side of things where iOS and Android are strong, MS hit hard where their strenght lies: in the corporate world. That may explain some of the things you questioned.

Office is already on WP and Windows, but not in the final form that some consumers would want (Office for Metro). Office didn’t exist on iPhone or iPad until now. Idk about Android – does Office exist for that? If not, then that will be the next target for a release… and then the existing Office on WP/Windows will get its makeover.

The point was, that MS only gets one chance to impress the users on competing platforms, which may explain the refined experience you get in Office on iPad. Make it wrong, and you will have a hard time convincing users to even try a second time.

Also keep in mind that MS has redefined its focus to be the cloud, services and devices, the first two being device/OS agnostic. It doesn’t mean MS doesn’t care about its private consumers, but maybe there’s not a big sea of developer ressources to focus on all battle fronts simultaneously.

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