Xbox Music and weekly updates on WP8.1

1) Given the quality of XBM (Xbox Music) and that its the unchangeable default for 8.1, a fortnightly update schedule to me is unfortunately inadequate. The app obviously needs a lot of work, and maybe a few better coders who know their stuff.

2) I don’t have a XBMPass, so I don’t know what its like for you guys. All my music is stored locally, I have a lot of music from unknown, obscure artists. WMP/Music Hub is capable of correctly retrieving song meta for these tracks – how can XBM even screw up songs from example, Linkin Park?

3) I can see why so many are clamouring for Zune to return, even if its just rebranded as XBM. Microsoft in the past have proven themselves capable of making good quality music apps. XBM is like Vista in this lineage, an utter disgrace to the legacy of Zune and WMP.

4) I don’t see why people are against having this thread set up. I think its good. This is a central point to shame the XBM team, and also helps to keep the subreddit clean. Yes, the XBM team deserve to be shamed. Yes, they have done a horrible job and have no right being in the stock WP8.1 distribution. But that doesn’t mean we can clog up an entire subreddit with complaints.


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