Download Tweetbot for Mac

Few weeks back, Mark Jardine, the man behind Tapbot teased about the Mac version of Tweetbot. Now, the app is launched to the public and it is in Public Alpha state. Tapbots says in their blog post that they are releasing it in public alpha as it will motivate them to finish it faster and at the same the same time, they will be able to get feedback to make the best Tweetbot for Mac.

Download Tweetbot for Mac

The company has also not yet decided the price of the final version but for now, the public alpha will be kept free for a long time. The final version will, of course, be released on the Mac App store.

For those who do not know, Tweetbot gained a lot of popularity with its first iOS app which was iPhone  / iPod touch only. After that, Tweetbot made the giant leap to the iPad in February 2012.

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