A Finnish journalist tried to save Nokia

This is one of the most beautiful articles I have ever read about Nokia‚Äôs demise. In 2008, a Finnish journalist wrote a fine letter to Nokia where he, as a regular person detailed how Nokia phones used to be so easy to use for everyone. He, however, noted that its E51 was  very hard to use. He ended the letter by saying that that will cause problems to Nokia later on.

The letter made its way to Nokia, and caused stirs inside the company. Company executives wanted to explain the strategy to him. In fact, one of the executives met up with him on a personal note.

"I agree completely with everything that you wrote in your letter and what you have said now."

I was astounded.

"I completely agree with you and I want to apologize on behalf of Nokia for producing a bad telephone for you."

Then he started to tell about how a top-secret project had been launched at Nokia, in which a completely new operating system was being designed. It would result in new kinds of telephones. They would be easy to use and they would change everything.

I met the director again a few years later.

Then it turns out that he had been talking about the Meego. However, the project moved forward slowly, and finally the new CEO Stephen Elop shelved it completely.

The same Nokia executive took back one of the original iPhones back home and gave one to his daughter. She learned to use it immediately. In the evening, as the parents were going to bed, their 4 year old daughter went to their bedroom and asked, "Can I take that magic telephone and put it under my pillow tonight?".

It was that moment when the executive understood that his company was really in trouble.


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