Apple buys Beats Headphones

Even though I really hate Beats headphones (with a level of hatred that I can’t usually muster for any product that other people buy and enjoy), this is potentially a great move for Apple.  It gives them a streaming service that they can integrate with their Music app for iOS, and likely for cheaper (and faster) than they could build it (well, mostly secure the rights) themselves.

apple beats

Plus, they could get something out of it beyond the streaming service.  While Beats headphones are overpriced garbage, their audio set-ups for HP devices are, while not perfect, better than the vast majority of what’s out there on laptops and tablets.

Apple are buying their way into death seeing Beats aren’t good anyway.

I had hoped that Apple would make some other acquisitions to bulk up their audio expertise, since I think that that’s an area where most devices are pretty awful (unlike, for example, screen quality, which has gotten good to the point where it’s not much of a differentiator for anyone).

Beats might not be the ideal acquisition for this purpose alone, but it does give Apple a little bit more to build from if it chooses to focus some of its improvements for its next gen products on sound (and it should definitely do that.)

Beats Audio sucks anyway

I never liked Beats and wouldn’t buy any if its hardware, but I can see many people do.

And anything is better than those less-than-$1 worth white earbuds Apple is bundling with everything which people seem to wear with huge pride and allow whole bus to hear what they are listening to.


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