Apple iOS 7.1.1 Security Update for iPhone and iPad

Apple has released a security update 7.1.1 with iOS, with the more dangerous security holes in iOS were closed. In parallel, an update for security will be released for the Apple TV second generation also. You should own stuff so as soon as possible to update, but do not forget to first make a backup! Especially in the Safari browser numerous dangerous vulnerabilities have been discovered that can bring Safari to crash, and then allow a foreign code execution. To close the numerous errors, Apple also improved the memory management.

iOS 7.1.1 Security Update for iPhone and iPad

Apple has also made further improvements, which were not specified in detail. So iOS 7.1.1 to the safety function Touch ID have improved, there is so far only for the iPhone 5S. If anything goes wrong use a mobile recovery software. Fingerprints are now better recognized, according to Apple. In addition, problems have been solved with external keyboards in conjunction with VoiceOver and in the reaction of inputs there are optimizations.

The update is available, which have 7 installed iOS for the iPhone, iPods and iPads. The size of the update varies depending on the device 16-30 MB.

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