Apple To Launch Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C

Apple is having a tough time selling its iPhone 5C and according to O2 Germany’s leaked documents, it is going to launch a cheaper version of it that will cost EUR 60 less than 16GB model.

8gb iphone 5c

If its really going to be cheap enough to replace the 8GB 4S though, would it not just make more sense to reduce the 16GB iPhone 5C to that price? They’ve not sold many, it saves producing new models, and most won’t want an 8GB model anyway since that leaves bugger all room for anything.

Lord, you take the iPhone 5 replace the metal shell with plastic.  Made it thicker and heavier and still have the audacity to sell it for the same price as all your other "last year" models? I don’t care if you did use a bigger battery or high quality plastic (really?).  You wonder why people talk about an Apple tax, it’s because you do ridiculous stuff like this.


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