Are Microsoft Apologists killing windows phone?

I’m at the point where I wonder if its worth saving? It’s an unknown and underfeatured OS running outdated third party apps and even most first party apps are many features behind. Hubs are gutted, quick additions throughout the OS gone, forcing users to constantly jump into subpar mainstream apps.

Microsoft Apologists

If you bought this phone for integration into the MS ecosystem, well then you should’ve bought an iPhone. iOS is the premiere platform for Apple’s and Microsoft’s services. Microsoft has made it abundantly clear that if you want a good Microsoft experience, it wont be on WP.

It’s a shame because the Live Tiles and Metro are so great. The OS however is in such disarray that even notifications, something that should’ve been ironed out on day one, STILL aren’t reliable. How can a platform worth saving have unreliable notifications? Microsoft isn’t doing anyone any favors with WP.

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