Best Must Have Apps for Windows Phone 2013

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Best Must Have Apps for Windows Phone 2013

* [Baconit]( Best Reddit client for windows phone in terms of usability, IMO. A few others have come out, but I feel that this one is the most intuitive. It is a bit buggy at the moment, but you will only notice them if you use it A LOT. The developer plans on updating it soon, but he was hired by Microsoft so there is a slight delay on when he will be able to upload version 3.

* [Harshquad]( Very fun and addictive tile game

* [6sec]( Vine

* [6tag]( Instagram

* [Phonly]( Feedly

* [Metrotube]( Youtube

* [Weather flow]( A beautiful weather app. There are other beautiful weather apps, but I like this one specifically for its live tile.

* [Simple Calendar]( A calendar with interesting live tile options.

* [Battery]( Monitor battery usage.

* [Grin]( Imgur

Last and very much least:

* [Spotify]( This app is buggy, nowhere near parity with its Android or iOS version, and rarely updated, but the service is good and the music library is better than XBOX Music. Manage your playlists from your computer to relieve some of the headache. I more recommend the service than the app, but this will allow you to listen to the music you’ve added with only the slightest headache.

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