Blu Win HD Review: Worst windows phone out there

So with the recent posts of the BLU Win HD phone going on sale, I thought some people may be interested in my review.

Some Background:

Before this phone I had owned two other smartphones previously, the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. I had been wanted to make the jump to WP for about a year and after my SO upgraded to an Android phone from iPhone I couldn’t resist getting a new phone and the Blu Win HD matched the price I wanted to spend perfectly! I’ve had the phone for close to 3 weeks now.

Build Quality:

Now, for the price point the quality exceeds my expectations. There is no metal involved and it mostly plastic but it feels very sturdy and the included case and screen protectors really help it to feel very solid. I rarely drop my phone, in fact only once since I bought it, so I wasn’t worried to much about it resiliency but more it’s feel.


The phone comes with a 5.0″ 720p display that looks flawless. Comparing it my old iPhone 5, I would say it looks better and much clearer, though that could just be my preference and overall bored-ness of having to look at iOS for 4+years.


The speed is quite quick and once I put in a 32gb SD card it did pick up quite a bit. It came installed with WP 8.1 out of the box but I quickly enrolled in the Dev Program in order to get the latest updates. I do notice some jutters every now and the but that it probably more to do with the processor than the UI itself. Overall, I find it faster in most cases than my old iPhone, even after I had jailbroke it.

Call Quality:

I’ve only made a handful of phone calls since I received it but both myself and the person I talked to said they could hear me fine.


Believe it or not I get better reception with this phone than I did my iPhone 5, which is a great thing. There is no LTE, but the HSPA is very quick and I don’t notice too much of a difference personally. Most of the time I do try to stay on WiFi though as I have a low capped plan (Screw Rogers).


Amazing battery. I can go two solid days of use with one charge. It is nothing short of magnificent. I was thinking of buying a second battery but now that I’ve used it I think one is more than enough. Even as typing this after using it since 6:00 AM this morning (Now close to 9:00 PM) it is still at 60%.


This is the one downside to this device. The camera is not that great. It is 8MP but I don’t think the sensor is quite up to snuff. The day and full light pictures turn out quite well though and they only start to go grainy in low light situations. Luckily most of my photos are just for fun and nothing all that serious. There is also no dedicated Camera b###on or zoom on the device which is a feature seen on most WP’s.

EDIT: Here is a gallery of some shots taken with the camera:

Video Playback:

It does seem to jitter on video playback if you try to go right to 720p with YouTube. I’m not sure why but my guess is it is just a little too much for the processor to handle. Going down to 480p resolves the issue though and it stills good on the 5″ display.


As my first experience with WP I love this device. I feel so much more at home with it and can’t seem to put it down. I would say its only real caveat is the camera, but that isn’t a reason in itself not to buy this phone. For the price, it is certainly unbeatable.

I will be using this phone until the new WP 10 come out and then will probably upgrade to a new flagship device once one comes available unlocked in Canada.

I will also be happy to answer any questions that people may have about this device, I love talking about it and showing it off!

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