Developing UWP apps for Windows 10 Mobile is confusing

I’m in the middle of developing a client app for an open source project. It’s a UWP, available for desktop and mobile. I have no idea how to go about designing the UI for it. Everything I know from WP7/8 is gone. I can’t take cues from any native apps, because each one is different. It’s a disaster. So I have a pretty terrible UI.

UWP apps for Windows 10 Mobile

The only advantage my app will have over the others, is that they have a legitimately terrible UI. Best UWP Windows 10 apps for windows phone.

Because there’s a lot of great suggestions to just download a template, or hire a designer, lets look at some different UI examples that WM uses.

•Groove/Weather have a hamburger menu, with a search icon at the top of the screen. In landscape mode, the hamburger menu is fully collapsed, or shows icons, depending on the app. Should my app implement a hamburger menu (really)? If so, do I make the menu collapsed, or show icons, while in landscape?

•The people and settings app have a search box centred at the top of the app.

•The Gadgets app feels like a WP7 app with the app bar icons and transitions.

•The alarm app uses pivots. For comparison, the groove music app uses a hamburger menu for roughly the same number of items.

Therefore I’m left to ponder: Do I use a hamburger menu, or pivots and the appbar? If I implement it one way, which app should I use as a guide? It’s very easy to make an app that feels like it belongs on Windows Phone, but it’s very difficult to make an app that feels native, and Microsoft isn’t helping. I’m talking about clear and useful guidelines and examples like the ones that existed in WP7.

BEST free / paid / unlimited trial UWP Windows 10 Mobile apps:

365 Scores – Football news and live scores app
AIDA64 – Hardware and software information utility
Airstem – Free music player and downloader
Animated GIF Creator – Create GIF from videos
AnTuTu – Official app of the popular benchmarking tool
AppRaisin – The best app for discovering new Windows Store apps
Aurora Music – Decent music player with potential
Ax-Lite – Lightweight video player
Astronomy Hub – Enjoy a fresh and amazing astro experience from anywhere around the globe
Audible – Access and download over 200,000 professionally-narrated audiobooks and periodicals to your device
Battery Usage – View battery status in advanced way
Beat – Discover trending tweets on Twitter
Best Photos on Flickr – Download the most interesting and beautiful photos on Flickr
Black Reader – PDF reader suitable for nights and dark environments
Blueflap – Very useful web browser with unique features, based on MS Edge
Bluetooth File Transfer – Browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device
Boards by Todoist – Experimental first-party Todoist app that allows you to visualize your Todoist tasks
Cleartrip – Search and book trains, flights and hotels
ClipBoard – Copy links, or text quickly to the clipboard from the share menu
Character Map – Allows you to copy the selected character to XAML code and FontIcon
Collage Maker for Windows 10 – Photo collage app
Ctrl+C – Simple, lightweight and Cortana powered clipboard application
Dailymotion – Official Dailymotion app
Deals Hub – All deals from Windows Store in one place
Dev Center – Allows you to quickly view details about the health and performance of your Windows Store apps
DeviantArt – Unofficial client for browsing DeviantART
Dropbox – Official app of popular cloud storage service Dropbox
Duolingo – The best (and popular too) language learning app
Dynamic Theme – Lock screen picture app with daily Bing or Windows Spotlight pictures
Engadget – The official app of the popular tech blog Engadget
Eurosport – Official app of Eurosport channel
Facebook – The official (and updated) UWP Facebook app
Figure – Pretty fun app for making music in seconds
File Hasher – Quickly check the MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hashes of a file
Foobar2000 – Official app of Foobar2000 music player
Foxit MobilePDF – Probably the best PDF viewer
Free Manga Reader – Discover and read thousands of manga titles for free
Grover Podcast – The best app to manage your favorite podcasts
Hotspot Shield – Free VPN
iHeartRadio – Official app of iHeartRadio
Income Timer – Fun app that calculates your annual salary input
ImgurClient – Unofficial client for browsing and downloading images from Imgur
IP List – It shows your IP and you can calculate IPs
Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 – App filled with all Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts
kSteam – UWP client for Steam
LaLiga TV – Official football television app of La Liga
LINE – The official app of the popular messaging service Line
LightReader – EPUB format ebook reader
Maps Edge – Unofficial client for Google Maps with material design
MemoNow – Simple notebook UWP app for Windows 10 Desktop/Mobile
Messenger – The official Facebook Messenger app
Misfit – Official app of Misfit devices
My Weekly Schedule – Schedule your weekly lessons
mTalk – Allows you to have access to more than 100000 forums from your mobile, tablet or PC
My Data – Organize your passwords and contacts in one place
MyFeed – Convenient RSS feeds reader
Money Fox – Awesome open-source finance app
Newsflow – Probably the best news reader with custom RSS
Next-Player – Clean and elegant music player
Notepad Next – Simple and beautiful notepad app
NotepadX – Simple text editor
Onefootball – The best app for all football lovers
OneNote – The most awesome note-taking app which is included in Windows 10
Ouga – Unofficial client for Tumblr
Parma Video Player – Awesome video player
PC Access Notifier – Very useful to find out if someone use your PC when you’re not at home or at work
PayPal Here – Secure and easy-to-use mobile business app for all your payment needs
Periodic Table 5 – Learn chemical elements
Pikit – Download high quality backgrounds from Bing, NASA, Flickr and Pixabay
Playstr – Combine every music service you use into one awesome new service
Polarr Photo Editor Lite – Free pro photo editor
Random Audio – This app is for people who love listening to music, but don’t want to care about getting it played
Reddify for Reddit – Reddit client with nice design and potential
Remotr – Best way to stream any computer games directly to another Windows 10 computer or tablet
Route Mapper – Basic tool that will allow you to measure various routes
Routiner – Perfect for those who want to keep track of their tasks through the week
Solid Wall – Generate clean and tidy yet colorful background
Set Wallpaper – Change lock screen wallpaper and home screen wallpaper automatically
Samsung Wi-Fi Transfer – Allows you to connect your devices directly and transfer your files via Wi-Fi
Share via Clipboard – Copy content from Windows store apps to clipboard – Transfer files via WiFi between cross-platform devices
Shazam – The official Shazam app
Simply QR – Great tool for generating QR codes without hassle
Sidekick Private Browser – Decent private browser
Splashpaper – Automatically change your wallpaper
Subtitler – Downloader for subtitles
Sway – The official Sway app for creating modern presentations
Taxibeat – Get a taxi 24/7 at a tap of a button and at no extra cost
TeamViewer – The official Teamviewer app for remote access
TED – TED’s official app presents talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people
The Games Database – Gaming news and calendar, must-have app for all gamers
The HTML Editor – Solid editor for HTML, PHP, CSS and JS
The Weather Channel – The official Weather Channel app with Cortana integration
Tickerfeed – RSS personal information hub, available on Android and iOS too
TileMe Tile – Live tile app which shows the current time, date, weather and optionally your current battery level
Todoist – Official Todoist app
TOPDOX – Powerful office documents reader and cloud manager for your Windows 10 devices
TouchVPN – Awesome free VPN app
TuneIn Radio – The official (and updated) UWP app of the popular radio service TuneIn
TVPLAN – Decent free app for tracking tv shows with integration, still in beta status
Twitter – The awesome official Twitter app
Typeform Attendance – Allows a user to track attendance when attendance is captured through a typeform
Uber – Official app of Uber
UniversalNews – Free, fast, simple and fully universal Windows 10 news reader
Vine – The official (and updated) Vine app
WinIRC – Lightweight, fast IRC client for Windows 10
Wodel – app which allows you to access the Jodel community
WordWeb Dictionary – Pretty good English dictionary app
Wunderlist – Official app of the most popular cross-platform ToDo service
ZAPYA – The official app of Zapya, fast tool for cross-platform file transfer


9Zen Store – Free app deals and recommendations
ACG Player – Decent media player
Action Note – Note taking app, integrates into your Action Center and enables fast access to all of your notes
Air Transfery – Transfer files across Windows 10 devices that are connected on same network
Audictive Music – Groove Music alternative
Audiotica – Free music streaming and downloading
Audiobook Player – Enables you to play audio books on your Windows device
Aurora Weather – Awesome and well designed weather app
Auvid Tuner – Cut your audio and video files
Baconit – Reddit client, alternative to Readit
Bamboo Paper – Taking notes, sketching, and drawing, only on PC and tablets
Best Anime – Watch anime in HD
Bloom Music Player – Neatly organized and beautiful music player
Brilli Wallpaper Changer – The ultimate app to change your lock screen and start/desktop screen wallpaper
Cast – Definitive tool for managing your audio podcasts on your desktop, tablet or mobile
Comic Show – Ultimate must have tool to read, manage and organize your comic book archives
Copy Space – Access all your copied content and manage it
Corby – Fantastic app to organize and browse your bookmarks
Cover – Cool comic reader
Daily Focus – Helps you to start your day right, reach your daily goals
Dark Note – The right app for any notes, messages and things you just want to quickly write down
Deezer – The official UWP preview app of the well-known music streaming service
Dinamic Wallpaper – Download wallpapers from NASA, Bing and 500px Pulse
Download App Later – Save the links of Windows Store apps which you plan to download or buy
Edjing 5 – DJ app that transforms your device into real DJ vinyl turntables
Easy Music Player 10 – Play your songs from OneDrive, local or network
Event Countdowns – Countdown your important events
Exchange Rate – Currency exchange app
Explorer for YouTube – Third-party client for Youtube
Fhotoroom – Solid pro photo editor
File Browser – Browse and manage your libraries and files stored anywhere on your PC
Flat Notes – Well designed notes app with a unique experience based on Google Keep
Followrs – Tracker that helps you to monitor your Instagram followers a lot more easier
Fresh Paint – Fun and easy to use painting app with the right tools for artists of all ages
FunimationNow – For streaming anime shows
Fused – Blend your photos and videos
Game Calendar – Keep on track with the upcoming video games of various platforms
GIF Search – Search and download GIFs from Riffsy
GiraDischi – Lets you stream every song you would like to listen from YouTube
Imgur4Windows – Imgur client
iNi Reader – Feedly client
Kobo eBooks – Official app of Kobo
Latermark for Pocket – Unofficial client for Pocket
Loadkit – Awesome download manager
Literal Moment – Live-tile clock
MeeDJ – DJ mixing console
Meme Generator – Create your memes
Memorize it! – App that could help build your memory skills when something needs to be memorized
Meridian – Music player for popular social network
Mobile Doc Scanner – App that allows you to identify any text in the image
Mobile Task Manager – View the application process with this app
Money Lover – Probably the best personal cross-platform finance app on Windows Store
Moodflow – Moodflow will help you to find a music that matches your mood
Musbox – Easily access your music collection and play them
My 500px – Full feature 500px client with upload capability
MyerList – Probably the most efficient To-Do app, available for Android too
Netflix – The official Netflix app which works without problem
Newsmator – Easy and simple way to read all the important news you care and love
Notebook Pro – Annotate your PDF docs and images
Note X – Create notes and todo lists, save credentials and draw
Notiny – Allows you to create text notes, voice notes and lists
Pandora – Official app of Pandora, popular music streaming service
Parcel Tracking – Convenient and easy to use tool to track deliveries
Perfect Dictionary – Offline dictionary with huge database in over 50 languages
Perfect Tube – Probably the best Youtube client
Perfect Wallpaper – Cool app for downloading backgrounds
Perfect Weather – Beautiful weather app
Photo Shader – App for quick and simple photo editing
Power Planner – Must have student app
Pomodoro 10 – Time tracker app
ProntoForms for Windows 10 – Mobilize your inspection forms, work orders, sales orders, timesheets
Readit – For sure the best Reddit app available on Windows Store
Reduce – Reduce your photos without quality loss
Save Battery – Perfect way to see battery status and remaining charge time on your main screen
ScreenWall – Change your lock screen and wallpaper with photos of popular movies
Screenshot Tool – Everything you need to make screenshots and indicate the important details in them
ScreenStitch – Stitch screenshots into a single big one
Series Tracker – Awesome app
Snips – Snip in the app or share something you want to remember to and from the apps
SplitBook – Splitwise client allowing to split household bills with roommates
Student Manager Plus – appthat will keep you on track with your courses, tasks and exams
Subtitles Finder – Manage and download subtitles for all your videos
Time Sense – Helps you track your usage, to better manage your time and be more productive
Trakter – The most functional app
UltraNote – UWP notepad app
Universal FTP – FTP client
Unstream – The best Twitch app
VBA10 – Gameboy Advance emulator
Viber – The official (and updated) Viber app
VideoApp – High performance modern video player – Unofficial app of Wallhaven, website for downloading wallpapers
Wallpaper Studio 10 – Fantastic HD wallpaper app
WiFi Analyzer – Probably the best Wi-Fi tool
Wikio – The best app for browsing Wikipedia
Windows Central – The official (and updated) app of the popular Microsoft related news website
YMusics – App for listening Youtube music
You-Doo – Easy to use proximity based to do list, task scheduler and reminder app


8 Zip – Cutting-edge archiver
Bandsaround Concerts – Unofficial Bandsintown app
Best Player – Probably the best video player on the Windows Store
Cortana Triggers – Perform multiple Cortana actions via different services like IFTTT
Cortanium – Add custom commands to Cortana
CostTracker – Project management application with built in invoicing and currency conversion
DeNoise – Professional photo level noise reduction app
Edjing Pro – Music DJ mixer
Enpass – Official app of Enpass, secure password manager service
File Cards – Modern file manager suite
FlipPad – Sketch your idea and then watch it as stop-motion video
Hypersonic – NewsBlur client
Instabullet – Unofficial client for Pushbullet
Join – Bring your Android notifications to the Windows Notification Center
Modern Translator – Awesome third-party client for Google Translate
Music Wall – Simple & beautiful music player with a unique layout that generates a wall of all the albums
MyTube – Unique YouTube experience
Network Data – Displays the amount of data sent and received by your network interfaces
Old Look – Photo editor which is focused on black&white filters
OneLocker – Awesome and powerful password manager
Padnote – Notepad app with some unique functionality
Passwords10 – Feature-rich password management app
PhotoMaps – See all your photos on a map, exactly where you took them
Polarr Photo Editor Pro – Pro photo editor
Quyre – Digital notepad for your pocket and your desktop
Racing One – Get all the information of Formula One right at your finger tips
Readia for Windows 10 – Decent comic reader
Run+ – Really good Nike+ client
Screenshot Join – Create full content length screenshots
Scyphoz Notepad – A simply text editor that can work on all windows devices
Sensie – Perfect app to keep and display your moves history
TimeCapsule – Time management tool
Torrex Pro – For sure the best torrent client that is available on Windows Store
Transcoder – Easily convert audio and video files from one format to another
Tweet It! – Probably the best alternative app for Twitter

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