Download CM13 Galaxy On7 Pro ROM | Cyanogen Mod 13 ON7 Pro

CM13 cyanogen mod 13 ROM for Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro is available. This will give you Android 6.0.1 stock version just like what is found in all stock google android phones. It shall be kept in mind that all Samsung warranty covers software modifications on your Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro.

Download CM13 Galaxy On7 Pro ROM

Installation instructions:

* You must have a this twrp installed installed
* Go to and download the latest CM13.0.
* Locate 6.0 Gapps via a quick Google search.
* Fully wipe your device from Recovery if you are not coming from CM13.0 already.
* Reboot into recovery and install.

It shall be noted that you need to flash gapps after your flashed the ROM. If you don’t do so, you will have to do full wipe in order to use Google services. This is an amazing ROM for those who are looking for light firmware that does not slows down system.


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