Download Game Launcher for Galaxy ON8

Game launcher can be installed on Samsung Galaxy On8 android device by doing a hack. It is exclusive for a high end phone like S7 and S8 but you can install it by following these instructions.

Download Game Launcher for Galaxy ON8

1. Download game launcher and game tools from here. Download the zip file and extract it. You will found two apk files.
2. Install game tools followed by game launcher.
3. Go to setting > Application > Application Manager and open game tools and game launcher. Give every permissions manually.
4. Restart your android phone and you are good to go.

With Game Launcher:
1. You can stop alerts like calling window, message popups etc while gaming.
2. Disable recent and back keys. Touching them accidentally during gaming will void the registers.
3. Record game play and much more.

The best part is that you do not need to root Galaxy On8 to install game launcher on it. Galaxy On8 is powered by a quad core snapdragon processor which is enough for playing most modern games. We have installed game launcher on Galaxy On8 using aforementioned steps and it is working reliably so far. If any problem arises, we will let you know.

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