Drive For Android No Longer Lets you Edit Documents

I’m glad they are unbundling them, because I use docs all the time and cloud storage hardly ever (except to the extent my Google Docs are cloud-stored). When Google Docs disappeared into Drive that was the problem. They were trying to force people to use Drive for other stuff by making it the only way to find Docs etc.

Google Drive to lose document editing, prompt downloads of Docs and Sheets apps

I also think Drive needs better organization and integration. Is Drive where I should look for my Google Play music (uploaded from my CD rips and iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon purchases)? How about Google Play purchased and rented video? How about my uploaded Google + pictures? Ok, docs created in Google Docs. How about docs created in Word that I DON’T want to convert, but want access to cross platform? Pages docs?

Docs and Drive should have never been mashed together they way they were at first. Drive should be cloud storage like Dropbox or Box, plain and simple. Docs should be for word processing. Drive should be like a hard drive. Docs should allow me to work on a document on-line or off-line, and store it only locally, locally and cloud, or cloud only.

Google does cool tricks with software. But the human interface design side of things is absolutely terrible.

And yes, if Pages only takes 380mb of space on an iPad, Google can come up with a word processor – Docs – that installs locally on main platforms. And only saves OPTIONALLY in the Cloud. I don’t care if it runs in Chrome browser, but it had better run locally with no internet.

The more I find out about lax security – unbridled NSA access, unencrypted files in the cloud, massive security lapses in the internet itself like Heat Bleep and now OAuth – the less happy I am about shooting my personal diary, for example, onto Google servers.


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