From Windows Phone 7 to iOS to Android and WP8.1

Totally random "I am happy" post, was going to be a borderline rant but after finding ProGym I can say I am genuinely happy with Windows Phone again not to say I wasn’t before but I just needed something to replace JeFit and finally found something. But with that, here goes.

I tried WP7 back when it first came out, and for the most part, I was ok with it, it struggled a bit, but overall it got the job done and had hilariously good battery life. Granted when the iPhone came to sprint I ditched it in a heart beat.


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Stuck with iOS, and switched to T-Mobile which, thanks to Sprint’s amazing unlocking (read: non-existent) policy I had to leave iOS for android. I don’t mind android by any means, but the Nexus 5’s laughably bad battery life made it easy to grab one of those 200 dollars Lumia 925s and give it a shot.

Now to the reason for this post, I don’t get why the **** every reviewer out there, whether it be on theverge, engadget, even the Seattle Times (seriously? Microsoft is your freaking neighbor give them a bone man!) rants about the app availability is bad. And now with just over 24 hours using the 925 I’m left thinking…

I’m not seeing it.

I have a Google Play Music clone for my music, Pandora is there, Skype, twitter, facebook, reddit, all the kings of killing what could be productive time are there. Hulu and Netflix are actually there, I have Waze for maps should need be, yelp is around, Mint can show what my bank account really has, I’m completely covered.

I was going to put some desperate cry for an unapologetic, unrepentant, shameless, blatant clone of JeFit but before posting this I stumbled upon ProGym… which honestly in some respects is even better. There’s less ‘pre made’ workouts, yeah, but the feel of the app feels like "why have over 15,000 workouts when you’re only going to do 30 unique ones in a week?" which… really makes sense to me.

So, everything I need is pretty much covered. I have my apps, social elements, gym stuff (that can include weights AND cardio), and general navigation. So I’m left wondering WTH is wrong with the reviewing agency? What, if there isn’t 5,643 different flashlight apps on your mobile platform there is some horrible dearth of apps from your store and you need to be shunned for it? It’s a very nice, beautiful, flowing, efficient mobile operating system, and with the new update it can put your once background into more focus instead of hiding it behind icons… just now you hide it behind black bars and white outlines of your icons but still >.>

I like this, and now to see what craigslist will give be for a Nexus 5 with way too many cases -.-

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