Going to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Note 4

Just got the Note 5 coming from the Note 4. So far, I’m loving this phone. Very smooth, fluid and quick. Feels more optimized than previous Samsung smartphones I have owned in the past. A lot more comfortable to hold, and feels easier to manage with one hand. Very slim bezels. My battery life is even better than my Note 4, which was stellar to begin with. I’m not missing the removable battery at all. In fact, it feels like this is the way it should have been from the beginning.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Note 4

The fingerprint scanner is night and day compared to the Note 4. Very responsive and you can register your finger/’s in multiple positions so you don’t have to be super accurate in how you place your finger on the sensor.

The stylus is a lot more responsive and love the triggered pull out design, which makes it much easier to undock from the device.

Bottom facing speaker. Enough said. Themes, enough said.

You want a smartphone camera? Get this device. Full manual control (except obviously the aperture) and can shoot RAW. Tracking is magical. Images are exceptional, almost akin to my professional level DSLR in certain shots. Shallow depth of field is greatly improved with the wider 1.9 aperture. The camera is so freaking responsive that it literally shocks me as I wait for the delay that I’ve grown accustomed to with previous devices. It’s simply not there anymore and it feels very delightful.

There’s so many more positives about this device but the take away is that this is NOT a marginal upgrade. This is what the Note series always wanted to be. Now it’s finally here.

I know a lot of you hate the extinction of the SD and remove able battery. I myself was a bit skeptical when I was pondering the device for those same reasons. But not any more after using it. This is a winner in my book.

I highly recommend this device to anyone interested but not sure because of any perceived "tradeoffs" one thinks they’ll have to make.

Today, I showed all my iPhone 6 coworkers my Note 5 and every one of them was super impressed and genuinely delighted. I couldn’t say this for my Note 4, even though it is a great device itself But it just didn’t attract them in the same way.

This device from the outset may seem un-Note like, but don’t be fooled, this is very much a Note. Only a better, more refined one than previously before.

Im glad I didn’t hold on to my Note 4, with the blind justification that the lack of SD and removable battery would hold back my productivity, and it was a marginal upgrade anyway. Its simply not the case. I think Samsung did a commendable job here and steered it’s design towards the experiences that people enjoy the most.

Extremely satisfied.


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