HP Elite X3 Lapdock vs Lumia Continuum setup

I am very interested in this HP Elite X3 Lapdock setup. Running a Lumia 950 daily and a 950XL on insider. The UWP Continuum landscape just keeps getting better. I am a little put of by the weight of the lapdock if it is indeed a kilo (2.2lbs). That’s a bit heavier than I’d like, but I need to consider it is also my external battery for my phone, along with all that sign in convenience you reference. Are they really ‘advertising’ IP67? That second number, 7, indicates Liquid ingress protection: Immersion, up to 1 m depth, Test duration: 30 minutes. That would certainly imply surviving dropping in the toilet. For an $800 phone, you bet I’m reaching in if I think it will survive.

HP Elite X3 Lapdock vs Lumia Continuum setup

The pogo plugs are quite interesting. Seems odd that they will have nothing HP to attach. That would almost imply they already have some third parties actively working on things. One thing that would seem called for is a CAC (Common Access Card) reader. These are often used as enterprise login credentials. Very reminiscent of the old Compaq sleeves in my mind.

The HDMI port on the lapdock is very interesting. Sure it is an ‘out’? Nothing in the lapdock would seem to drive a second display, and as far as we know, Windows Mobile isn’t going to drive two external displays. Heck it can’t even do two apps in split screen….yet…maybe. I’m thinking it might be an ‘In". Could make this useful for a second monitor for laptop, or even plugging in a Roku or, God forbid, a Chromecast.

The inclusion of an Ethernet port on the dock is wonderful. I can add Ethernet to MS’s Display Dock with a USB to Ethernet adapter, but that is kludgy and they don’t all work. Nice the dock has a power in and a USB-C as well. Wonder what happens if you cable the X3 to the dock via a USB-C cable. The stand up dock is nice, but you might want to be able to pick up your phone and talk on it, an advantage of the MS solution.

The HP setup looks great and integrated. Hope it spurs some other OEMs to make some docks and lapdocks. I’d appreciate one a little smaller, maybe about Microsoft Surface 3 sized. That’s big enough to get some real portable work done I think.


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