HTC 8X Review

So although I love my trusty little HTC explorer, after 2 years of use it was starting to wear down, the headphone jack stopped working, the screen scratched and cracked, and I decided that saving money wasn’t worth the pain I had to go through to use the phone on a daily basis.

HTC 8X Review

So around one month ago I was in the market for a new phone, nothing high end, so the HTC one, GS4, or iPhone 5 were out of the question. Ever open to trying new things, I decided to take a look at how windows phone was doing. To be honest I had never paid it much thought, simply dismissing it as a failed OS that no one used. After doing some research I discovered how wrong I was, and that the is had grown and matured quite a lot since I last checked in. So after some thought, I decided to broaden my experience and go for wp8. I wasn’t looking for a very fancy phone, mid to low end would do me fine. I was all set to go for the lumia 820, when there was a sudden price drop on the HTC 8x on Meteor (an Irish network) on an 18 month contract. One of its main draws to me was its screen, as my previous phone had a 360×480 one which wasn’t exactly pleasing to the eyes.

Now we come to the review part of this ramble. First, the phone itself. Put simply, its gorgeous. Its super thin and has a really nice brushed rubber unibody case. The screen appears to float on top of the device and when you turn it on, vibrant colours pop out at you from the display. Its amazingly clear and crisp and a joy to look at.
While reading some reviews I noticed that a common complaint was about the power button being hard to press, but to be honest after a day I became used to it and it became easy
On the negative side, it appears something is loose in my phone, as whenever it vibrates you can hear a tiny, faint click from inside the phone. It used to drive me insane but I’ve since learned to live with it.
In short: thin, light, amazing case, beautiful screen.

Now on the subject to the OS. Coming from android it took a fair bit of getting used to, but I was willing to learn as I was just so happy to get away from gingerbread. Compared to my old phone everything felt so smooth and fluid; the way the screen bounces when you reach the end of a page, to the flip transition when entering/exiting an app, they all add up to make the OS feel very professional.
I don’t download much apps, so the app store situation isn’t really a big deal for me. They have all the apps I want. Reddit, youtube, spotify, Facebook and twitter (and maybe a few games) areall/ the apps I really want.

Jarringly absent to me was the lack of a universal rotation lock, but I hear that’s coming in 8.1 so I guess that’s OK.

TL;DR: really happy with my purchase and have been singing the praises of WP to some of my friends who are looking for a new phone. Phone feels amazing in the hand and the OS is beautiful.

So that’s my story I guess, I really can’t see myself goIng back to another OS unless MS really screws up.

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