Huawei, a good third alternative after Samsung and Apple?

Huawei’s been at the very edge of my radar for a few years, but since their phones aren’t compatible with Verizon’s (or previously for me, US Cellular’s) network, I haven’t considered them. There were a lot of phones I couldn’t consider last year, when I switched to Verizon. Next year, I may likely switch to T-Mobile, opening a lot of doors. But that allows me to focus on what I want, not on settling for what’s closest to what I want. And I’m not sure Huawei’s willing to offer what I want: updates, memory card support, stock Android, and a good camera. If they were to offer a version of the Nexus 6P, but with a memory card reader, I could be tempted.

Huawei nexus

As far as standing out – don’t be like Apple and Samsung. A lot of Android guys are saying they don’t want a memory card slot in their phone. Maybe they have a dedicated iPod or tablet for media, I don’t know. Well, those guys can get Apple and Samsung smartphones and be perfectly content, or unlimited data and stream all day. Some of us just want to load up Poweramp and play our jams from a memory card slot. Used to be a common feature. Now it’s a more specialty thing. HTC and LG still offer it, but for how long? Also, not everybody wants a tablet for a phone. The iPhone 6(s) is the only flagship phone under 5", and its 4.7" screen is an enticing feature, even for a long-time fandroid such as myself.

Sufficiently competitive products. I don’t know. My old carrier, US Cellular, is all about Samsung and Apple. They don’t care about anyone else, though they do support this year’s and last year’s Nexus phones, and these new Motorola phones that work with almost all the networks. Verizon has a few more choices, but really, people either want an iPhone or an iPhone knockoff. They may not dislike a different kind of phone, but it’s an unknown quantity to them; they want to play it safe. But, you know, honestly, the more Android follows iPhone (no memory card, fingerprint reader, force touch), I think more people are just going to get an iPhone. We really need someone to stand out.


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