I hate Galaxy Note 7: Reasons not to buy Samsung Note 7

Here are the reasons why I am not going to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I’m feeling really underwhelmed with this one. That battery is irritatingly small, though, and of course, you can’t just replace or upgrade it. One of the perks of a removable battery is that you can slap some 10,000mAh+ monstrosity in there, if you don’t mind the added thickness – it’s your decision to make.

Reasons not to buy Samsung Note 7

-No SD821? Come on, the Note 3 and 4 had significant SoC upgrades as compensation for releasing later in the year!
-That 3500mAh battery isn’t going to last, especially considering you’re going to need a heat gun just to pop off that glass back and replace it yourself. I would’ve stepped it up to at least 4000mAh. Sure, it might make the phone a bit thicker, but it’s useful for longer and would eliminate that camera hump.

-So Samsung’s finally made the jump to USB Type-C, but I do wish they actually bothered to explain if it supports USB 3.0/3.1 data transfers and Display Port/MHL/etc. alternate modes for video output. I guess we’ll find out soon enough once the enthusiasts get their hands on it.

I think I’ll hold off for the Note 8. Maybe then, they’ll implement the new UFS 2.0 card slot they announced earlier, make the usual hardware improvements on top of that, and perhaps even offer a non-curved screen option this time around.

This is what I want in a phone.

Unlockable bootloader without need for the manufacturer to be involved. The Nexus 6 method of selecting the option in the settings and using fastboot is fine. Requiring me to go the the manufacturer’s website and ask for permission is not. To really knock this one out of the park, allow me to set a user key so I can sign my own code and run locked with my custom software with full verification in place.

All GPL source released as required by the license. Ideally, an AOSP vendor tree as well. If you want to make a custom closed-source UI, fine, do so. But users should have the option to run stock Android if they prefer. ALL hardware needs to be supported in AOSP.

User-replaceable/upgradeable battery. Ideally, with an optional extended battery that doesn’t suck. I don’t care if it’s thicker, I want more power. I ran a ZeroLemon 10k on my Note3 as a daily driver. I get not everyone is willing to go to that extreme. Make a stupidly thin one that gets 30min SOT if you want, but give me the option.

Expandable storage. MicroSD/UFS. It costs next to nothing to support it. Just do it. If you want to include a warning that chap-ass SD cards suck and may well make the phone performance suck, feel free. But the user should have the option. If as a user you think SD is stupid, don’t plug one in. Cloud everything is nice in theory, but not in practice. And even crap SD cards are fast enough for media players.

5.7″+ screen, probably can’t go more than 6.5″ without it just being stupid. 2k resolution with a GPU that can drive it with decent performance.

While we’re at it, SOC needs to be SD820 or better. 4GB RAM minimum. That should take care of the screen performance issue.

USB3 transfer speeds, USB-C port, fast charge. Port should be moderately easy to replace. Preferably on it’s own board. Requiring me to remove 20 screws is fine, but please don’t glue the whole thing together. Soldering the port to the motherboard is also stupid.


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