iOS10 on iPhone 6s review

Well first of all for a (first) beta I find this release really stable. Haven’t experienced any weird things going on yet. I’m running this beta on my iPhone 6S Plus, which is also my daily driver. I absolutely love the new raise to wake function. I can quickly look at my phone, screen turns on. Great! On the lockscreen it annoys me a bit that I have to press home to unlock. I didn’t have to slide to unlock in iOS9, why do I have to press it in iOS10 instead of just letting it scan my finger and go?

iOS10 on iPhone 6s review

As for the widgets, they’re cool. Especially with 3D touch. But I hope they’ll be customizable in the future. Because for example; I don’t use VIP Mailboxes; Mail widget shows VIP Mailboxes so it’s empty for me. Same with Music since I don’t like to use playlists.

Speaking of music. Oh boi, please lower the font size as a starter because 5 menu item fills 75% of my 5.5" screen. My music is getting pushed away into a corner by the huge bold fonts everywhere that take up most of the space.

Siri now understands follow up questions. So if I want to change a bunch of alarms in a row I don’t have to start over at square one everytime. Which feels way more fluent and is easier to use.

And last but not least, I no longer have to keep a extra’s folder somewhere on my last page filled with Apple stuff I do not use because you can finally uninstall stock apps!

I really like the new functions iOS10 brings! But, as for the design aspect; they still have a lot of work to do imo. The music apps is the worst, The notifications I’m still wondering how I feel about them and the new "no contact picture" for example is just awfull.


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