Is Microsoft Backtracking on Nokia brand?

Chris Weber, EVP for Sales and Marketing, recently quoted on Nokia Conversations Blog.

Microsoft Backtracking on Nokia brand

NC: How about the Nokia brand on the phones. Having it printed on there? A lot of readers care about that.
CW: In factual terms, Microsoft intends to buy the right to use the Nokia brand on its phones for ten years.
There’s a commitment now that this will happen for the Asha and feature phones business going forward.
On smartphones, it’s more complicated and we’ll be seeking to create a unified brand across Lumia and other Windows based devices. But we’re still a long way from when that decision has to be made.

As some blogs think that MS is backtracking on Nokia brand, I strongly disagree. What they need to do is,

1. Nokia should release the next generation of handsets (upgrades to *20 series phones). They should release 530, 630, 730, 830, 930 phones with Nokia branding before the deal closes in Q1.

This will help in emerging markets more because those phones will be there in the market for another year which helps transfer to Lumia smartphone.

2. Keep using the Lumia branding in place of Nokia on phones. They can use small Windows logo at the back.

There should be no Microsoft branding on phones. I don’t think they will use Microsoft branding anyway, because even Surface does not have Microsoft brand on device.

3. They should keep using Surface branding for the tablets.

Microsoft Backtracking Nokia brand

4. They should start promoting Lumia brand more.
Why Nokia Should Not Release Windows RT Tablet?

5. Microsoft should support all the Nokia store franchises. They should start selling all the Microsoft products like Lumia phones, Surface tablets, XBOX, etc.

6. They should invest more in retailer promotion. Samsung is doing that immensely and sales persons trying to sell Galaxy’s to customers. I think they are giving more margins to retailers to move volumes.

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