Lumia 950 vs iPhone 6S, which one you should buy?

This is a comparison of Microsoft Lumia 950 windows phone versus Apple iPhone 5S iOS device.

Lumia 950 vs iPhone 6S

Battery life:

The Lumia 950 has a replaceable, 3000 mAh battery with wireless QI charging which is a nice little feature (I love it on my 930) and the fact that the battery is replaceable is handy in case there are any faults or issues with the battery in the future. According to the Microsoft website, the battery life seems to be relatively better than the iPhone 6s in most areas other than HD video playback (iPhone – 11 hours vs. 950 – 10 hours).


I’ve had personal experience with iPhones and yes I do feel that they are more susceptible to breakages (iPhone 4 – power and home button wore out, iPhone 5s – smashed screen). However the 6s seems to be more durable with stronger alloy materials and better seals within the phone to protect it from water damage. The Lumia’s I have used have been incredibly durable, with my 520 effectively being invincible no matter how many times I dropped it and my 930 with it’s polycarbonate back being very resistant to scratches, unlike the glass/aluminium backed iPhones which are prone to scratches through normal wear on the back. One thing I will say is that as the 950 sports back located speakers they can be prone to scratches on the screen as when playing music/video out loud and the phone being on a desk, you need to place it screen down. A decent screen protector will solve this issue. This is not a problem on the 6s due to the speakers being located at the base of the phone.


I use spotify on a daily basis and I must admit that it does lack when compared to its iOS and Android counterparts but does an effective job at playing music. Hopefully this should improve with the release of Windows 10 Mobile. Whatsapp is another app I use regularly and I can tell you that it does what it says on the tin, and the customizable options can be fun to play with. I haven’t had any experience with the iOS version but I’m sure someone else can help you out there. I also am not a user of Netflix on my phone so I can’t really help you there, but I have read that as the 950 sports on screen navigation buttons rather than the capacitive buttons placed on the underneath the screen (like on my 930), these buttons will disappear (quite rightly) when watching any videos on Netflix or another platform. On the 930, these buttons stay illuminated which can be rather irritating but this is not an issue for the 950. The base news app (comes pre installed withe the phone) is pretty good and keeps ads to a minimum. However I have found that app support for news is relatively limited on WP, so certain news sites will not have apps. Personally I just use the browser.

Windows OS:

This is the reason I moved from my broken iPhone 5s to my current Lumia 930. I absolutely love the intuitive nature of the live tiles and the simplicity of the platform as a whole. Windows 10 is set to make Windows Phones even more personal than they already are (and finally fix the poorly laid out settings menu). I’d highly recommend trying out a Lumia with 8.1 for a few days, just to see and get the feel of the OS. You may disagree with me as my opinion (as it’s an opinion) is completely subjective.


950 has a better camera – 20mp vs. iPhone 6s 12mp and the Nokia Camera app is a wonderful piece of software.

Cortana – I absolutely love Cortana – she’s basically Microsoft’s alternative to Siri.

The 950 supports continuum – a piece of kit that turns your phone into a mobile desktop – the article should help explaining it.

3rd party backplates – the 950 supports 3rd party backplates which means that if you don’t like the polycarbonate back, and would like to change to something more premium – just pop it off and put on something like these: 1 2 3 4.


The app ecosystem is relatively limited. (hopefully will be fixed with the ease for developers to transfer apps from iOS/Android to WP coming in Windows 10)

So if you want something a little more ‘quirky’ than Apple’s yearly rendition of the iPhone, maybe this is the phone for you.

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