Microsoft Lumia 535 review

So I bought the Microsoft Lumia 535 (black) with a Samsung EVO microSD Card 32 GB. When I had the phone in my hands, I thought that it was enormous because my last phone was the Apple iPhone 4s. After booting the device I saw the first time setup, it was very easy and detailed (like how I want to see it).

Microsoft Lumia 535 review

Then when I finished the setup, I was trying out every thing since I am very new to Windows Phone (have a little knowledge of WP but never had one). What I directly saw and felt was simplicity, ease, and a powerful system. I have now using it for almost a week and have to say that I love this much more then an iPhone, why ?

The device is first of all fast, good-responsive and after a day you are already used to the size and positioning of buttons etc. The operating system is also great, it is simple, beautiful, stable and plain awesome. Every (minor) problem that I have got with WP was fixed in less then a few minutes. On iOS it tooks days, sometimes weeks and how if it is very popular but on WP I have now never a problem.

Since I am using my phone a lot I got a lot of stress because of iOS but since WP I have for now never experienced a single bad thing of it. I can Just say that I am happy to be a WP user and an owner of a Lumia 535, keep it up Microsoft!

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