Microsoft Lumia 950 Review

The camera on Microsoft Lumia 950 is a beast and it just flies, and the pictures it takes blew my old 1520 out of the water in terms of detail, clarity, and OIS. I actually liked the side button layout, really worked well with how you would hold the phone. Having had a Lumia 1520 with smaller hands, I hated the button placement on that phone because it was a pain to power the phone on and off.

Microsoft Lumia 950 review

I’m torn on this phone strictly because of the size. It’s a beautiful phone, was the right weight, definitely slimmer than the 1520 (thank God), and much easier to hold too; but still it felt a tad too big for my hands (YMMV). The one-handed keyboard feature definitely helps a ton though with one-handed use. It’s a bit of work (hold the space bar, then drag left/right, sometimes you’ll have to do it a couple times), but it made texting and thumb typing with one hand MUCH EASIER.

Unfortunately the Fort Lauderdale store didn’t have the 950 either, so I couldn’t do the comparison. I’ll be heading to Miami this weekend, where I’m hoping the Dadeland store has the 950 in stock and I’ll be able to do a more accurate comparison. I came into this planning on getting the 950, but now I’m not so sure because I really enjoyed the 950 XL. It stands out, the screen is gorgeous, and I personally like the idea of the Snapdragon 810 over the 808.

Unrelated note — the SP4 keyboard is unreal. I own an SP3 and the SP4 keyboard is WORLDS ahead. Also, the Surface Book is cool, undocks real easy (just hold that button for a couple seconds and you get a green pop-up on the bottom right saying you can deactivate, then lift the screen and profit). The screen is really light, didn’t do much with it though. The pen is really cool, you REALLY come to appreciate the eraser being on the top (every-time I use the pen on the SP3, I always happen to inadvertently hit the eraser button). It definitely does feel like an eraser too.

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