Motorola Moto X Colors (pink, purple, blue, green)

All the tech news blogs are covered with Motorola Moto X news and why now? After all, it is going to be the company’s flagship. They have teased us with a full page ad in myriad newspapers today.

Motorola Moto X Colors (pink, purple, blue, green)

The company will be making it available in four colors – pink, sky blue, purple and green. Motorola earlier said that they will providing its users plenty of custom colors to choose from.

Motorola Moto X Colors

Motorola has re-emphasized that Moto X will be assembled in US  at a 500,000 square foot area in Texas. This will allow the quickly make custom phones for each user and ship them to their respective owners, within days. Company’s spokesperson said earlier, the Motorola was getting them made in China which made it impossible for the company to offer custom phones. 

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