Music App in Windows Phone 8.1 Sucks

The music player is slower and sucks even more than before on Windows Phone 8.1

1) You can no longer swipe to change songs

2) You can no longer prevent Xbox music accessing your metadata, meaning fucked up album arts and artist arts

3) Very slow compared to music+videos

4) Aesthetically unpleasant, it looks very unpolished

xbox music windows phone

5) Still no time slider

6) The same app that was in beta that required an paid subscription to access.

7) A general step backwards from the already not so great music player for 8.0

8) If you are like a non Nokia user like me, we are doomed, we don’t have MixRadio to fall back on, this is the only thing we have, and the current alternative players on the market all looks like shit.

Overall the new xbox music app is a disgrace to the user and the service itself. Right now it actually needs to catch up to the old app in 8.0 for local media playback.

Zune, and the ZuneHD were literally the devices that INVENTED the metro design language that eventually became Windows Phone. Those platforms were the father of it.

ZuneHD was largely considered one of the best portable media players you could buy on the market, they pretty much perfected music/video/etc playback, navigation, etc. Its still one of the best music/media experiences you can have in your pocket. Super smooth, super feature rich, excellent UI, etc. Tons of awesome stuff such as meta-data streaming of information while you listen to music, excellent zune-pass integration, etc. Literally a 10/10 portable media experience. Its just that nobody needs portable media players anymore with smartphones.

You would THINK that therefore the music/video experience for windows phone, a platform that was literally BORN from the Zune, would be exceptional. Instead its easily one of the worst and least thought out music experiences on any platform. BLOWS MY MIND.

At least 8.1 has stuff like playlists/artists/etc right there on the home page. I hated having to tap “music” and then swipe over to get to the playlists section. Now I can go right there (I listen to a lot of EDM and DJ mixes so traditional “artist/album” setups are much less useful than playlists).

Other annoyances not related to Music app in windows phone 8.1

Bing button is, if possible, even more annoying than before. It now has a half second delay from you press it to it opens the bing search. Delayed annoyance instead of instant annoyance, yay?
You can turn wifi ON with one press from the notification center, but if you press it to turn OFF, it opens up wifi settings instead.
No shortcut to turn on/off cellular data.
If you have a background set, any space with no tiles in them is shown in black instead of transparent.
Swipe keyboard is only supported for english language.
Still no new bing for northern europeans.
Photos live tile shows the new background images in slide show, but you can’t actually open them through the photos hub.

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