Nova Launcher 5.1 is available for download

Nova Launcher is the most popular android launcher on Google Play store and the company behind it has rolled out a new version, v5.1 to the public. It brings fixes for the new Samsung’s flagship, S8 and host of other changes.

Nova Launcher 5.1

Nova Launcher, downloadable from here, contains some advertisements since it is a freeware but they do not get in your way. It is also possible to get rid of all the ads by purchasing Nova launcher prime.

Here is what has changed.

* Dynamic Badges – Image badges from notification content
* Respect system level themes on Samsung and Huawei devices
* Minor fixes for Samsung Galaxy S8

Here are the features of Nova Launcher:

* Icon Themes – Find thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher on the Play Store
* Subgrid positioning – Much greater control than standard launchers, Nova Launcher allows you to snap icons or widgets half way through the desktop grid cells
* Color controls – for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds
* Customize App Drawer – Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, Custom effects
* Improved Widget Drawer – Widgets grouped by app makes it much faster to use
* Infinite scroll – Never far from your favorite page, loop through the desktop or drawer continuously
* Backup/Restore – Sophisticated backup/restore system allowing you to backup your desktop layout and launcher settings
* Scrollable Dock – Create multiple docks and scroll between them
* Widgets in dock – Place any widget in your dock, such as a 4×1 music player widget
* Import Layout – No need to rebuild your desktop from scratch, Nova Launcher can import from most popular launchers. Including the one that came with your phone.
* Fast – Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do it’s work quickly and quietly, keeping the animations smooth and letting you use your phone as fast as you can move your fingers.

If you want to stay at the bleeding edge, you can enroll for beta testing of Nova Launcher at this link. Or you can download the latest beta APK of Nova launcher from here. Keep in mind that the beta releases may contain few bugs that will be ironed out when that particular version is made public. 


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