On Apple iPhone 5S 64 bit architecture

64-bit is meaningless without 4gigs of RAM AND optimized applications. The 5s has a paltry 1gig of RAM and less than 40 optimized apps. That’s not to say that the SOC isn’t a great performer, it is, but that has little to nothing to do with the marketing gimmick of “64-bit.”

As far as Google “not upgrading Android hardware and software.” Did you even pay attention to what won Phone of the Year? The Moto X was an upgrade with both hardware and software more than any other phone released. It had useful software additions to Android that are listed above and even let you customize your own hardware. Android had 5 updates this year, including a major one from Jelly Bean to Kit Kat and introduced ART runtime which (unlike 64-bit) improves performance on most existing apps and even adds 10-15% additional battery life.

It’s amazing how Apple fans ignore the advances of other platforms, well, at least until Apple catches up and then they claim that Apple “did it first,” or “did it better,” or whatever.

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