Galaxy Note 7 will flop

Galaxy Note 7 will flop

Samsung really blew it with the Galaxy Note 7 that is currently its flagship. Things I have experience with my Note 7’s (Yes plural):

Consistent Keyboard Lag
Dropped frame-rates across the UI
App opening delays
Scrolling lag….Very bad scrolling lag, especially with Hangouts
Browsing lag and stutter
UI Jumpiness, so bad to the point I’m clicking on an app on a home screen I didn’t even change to yet (if that makes sense). Not a specific measure, but my Nexus 6P rarely ever has any of the problems listed above and overall performance obliterates the Note 7.

Listen carefully: Great features are not enough to excuse the Note 7 problems I listed above. Perhaps if the phone was competitively priced, I could see you point.

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However, this phone was $850. My Nexus 6P was $450. Some sites are trying to tell me that the features of the Note 7 are worth $400 more than my Nexus? I’ll answer this for you, they are not. Even if the phone was completely smooth (which I assumed) it’s hard for most people to justify spending this much on a device.

It’s inexcusable for Samsung to have released a phone with performance issues that almost costs a grand. Many of us were WAITING for someone to tell the truth about touchwiz lag, and xda finally did. If anything, you should applaud them for their efforts in recognizing the issue.

Maybe you don’t see this issue because you don’t have the snapdragon version. But, if Samsung truly cared about their consumers, if they used a different chip across different regions, they should be 100% sure this chip is just as capable as their in-house chip.


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