Switching from Android to Windows Phone is easy

Ever since I had my HTC hero I’ve been an avid android user and was as pleased as punch to be on the cutting edge with my Nexus One. Fast forward though the galaxy S2, iphone 3gs and HTC sensation and land at last week where I had an iPhone 4s and a galaxy S3.
I guess I’m the average ‘power’ user, iphone as been jailbroken twice (ios6 &7) and I always jumo to the next ios release while its beta. Galaxy S3 is my work phone, bought and paid for by them and rooted in the first hour I owned it. I’m also a linux user and generally hated all windows products. Linux on the desktop at work and a dual boot laptop (ubuntu/windows 8.1)

android to windows phone

There was a Lumia 625 or 2 hanging about at work for developers to test on and I picked one up and tried it – first impressions; bit of a weird interface, but my god its fast. Did a bit of research and managed to blag one for a few weeks, sold the iPhone and now I’m the proud owner of a Lumia 920 with 8.1.

I love the live tiles and how you can drop anything on your ‘desktop’, its fast and easy to use. The way it works with windows is great in some terms and leaves a lot to be desired in others. Internet explorer favs appear on each and the office apps are brilliant using onedrive. Photos, videos, docs and music are easy to sync and view on the phone – I just wished it would do more in terms of contacts and SMS integration with windows desktop. Apple have shown the way once again.

As a phone its brilliant. Pin your other half to the home screen and see social network updates, couple of taps to call and sms them. Attach it to bluetooth in the car and the first time you receive an SMS you think you are in the future – I didn’t know it could do that! Read the SMS and let me reply! I’m in the UK so no Cortana, although I believe there is a way of doing that?

Apps. I wont lie. Its not great initially, but you can find alternatives. Just look on here and read blogs. There are only 2 apps I can think of right now that I’m missing; HSBC (UK bank) and sadly, candy Crush!

I dont miss my iphone and my galaxy S3 is used by my kids to play spiderman2 at the moment!

If you are thinking of making the switch – do it!


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