Top 3 network signal & WiFi boosting application for Android

The most common problem associated with android phones are poor connectivity, gaming and multimedia experience over a network or Wifi owing to poor network and unacceptable signal strength. Even with high end smart phones like iPhone 5 or google Nexus 4 the problem continues. The poor signaling & networking experience is even more pathetic with low end phones.

wifi booster

It is important to overcome such signal related issues in our day to day life and improve usage experience. In the following sections we will discuss some of the most effective applications available in the market that wroks as well as cell phone signal booster.

How application does this?

There happens to be several API (Application Programming Interface) that helps to initiate a low level Wifi communication and connect to Wireless devices. It allows you to send several other important information like Link Speed, IP Address, Settlement condition etc. Interestingly, there exist another API function that extends its reach in saving, adding, initiating, terminating or even scanning Wifi signals over its reach. So, effective selection of applications that are using the above API could eventually lead to better end user experience.

This application happens to be the first one ever came into android market, which helps boosting speed of signal. When you turn on the application in your phone, you definitely going to experience best signal strength than that what would have been effectively available for use without this application in place. The application uses the radio modem of your smart phone in cyclic order to boost the signal strength. The application is definitely a treat for the users as it does not requires frequent re-start and also very highly rated in the android market during various user reviews.

Just two clicks that’s all it requires to open the Wifi network through this application. Normally when you are inside a large mall or restaurant, you are provided with multiple option of open network. The first tap will allow you to open the light app and through the second tap you may choose the best network from the list of open network that you would like to use. The application in fact remembers the best signal and those would be available on top of the list for easy selection. The application also provides you the option like network boosting.

The application in fact has got some trouble shooting features in built, which allows it to identify defected networks and tries to correct it for wifi connectivity. Like the above two applications this application ensures best Wifi signal using its own API. This has in fact received excellent user review as well.

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