What came to my mind after launch of Lumia 950

This time period (this holiday season), we have witnessed nothing but the incremental refresh from OEM. iPhone with their 6s and 6s+ , HTC didn’t even bother with the M series (they released A9, which is … meh). Only Samsung did the upgrade for their Note series. It would be a waste to release a killer flagship now and then get outshone soon later on by a bigger updates for the iPhone and HTC + Samsung, considering how well the 6s and 6s+ is still selling.

What came to my mind after seeing launch of Lumia 950

I feel like Microsoft is trying to walk the line of one year of Nexus-Alike which focus more on the raw capability (removable battery, SD card, interchangeable back) and one year of premium flagship that sacrifice a few things to offer a better design. Which could make total sense really. Some of us like to be able to pop the battery off and replace it on the fly, some others just want a phone that catches their eyes.

Considered all of that, i am pretty sure i would hold onto my 930 for another year. I am excited to see what the Surface division could influence the phone team on their design. A phone with Magnesium Alloy casing would be incredible.

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