What can Nokia Lumia 930 do that iPhone cannot

-Better granular camera controls than your iphone,

-“lens” feature making it easier for you to snap the perfect shot,

-Facebook, twitter and linkedin integration so you can tweet someone directly from the people hub;

-live tiles, getting information without having the need to open the app;

-Exclusive apps such as Office remote, nokia collection, HERE Drive with offline GPS capabilities;

-You can have your apps between your phone and PC, so you can keep doing where you left off;

-If you have a Surface, it recognizes your Windows Phone as a hotspot without you needing to turn it on;

-Battery saver, you can get more out of your battery if you need it, it’s optional and awesome;

-Kids/Apps Corner: Lets you have a separate startscreen for other people to use, be it your kids or co-workers;

-Xbox integration: if you’re a gamer, snatching those achievements is really rewarding;

-Wi-Fi and other “senses”: Friends of yours with a Windows Phone don’t need to input passwords of public places if you already did that, so you’re essentially sharing that password without showing them the password. They can do the same for you. You can manage your free space with storage sense and you can manage your monthly data cap with data sense.

-Your OS is more flexible: You can download torrents if you want, download stuff to a chosen folder or download stuff directly from your browser. Use your Phone as a Pen, just plug it in and drag and drop stuff;

-More personnalisable: You can change stuff to your liking, it’s not just a grid of icons, choose your wallpaper, color, tile size, lockscreen image or even how the lockscreen works.

-DLNA and Miracast support: Show your stuff on your big TV with your Windows Phone;

-NFC: iPhone still doesn’t have it;

-Other neat stuff such as double tap to wake up or glance screen.

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