What Windows Phone Needs To Do To Get iOS and Android users

Windows Phone 8.1 is here but here are the things that need to be done in order to get users from iOS and Android platforms.

Marketing… Put an oversized touchscreen that replicate a WP in major retailers. Let it show off the new lock screen settings, and let them play around with the start screen, including the background image. First impressions for those toying with WP for the first time helps. You need an eye catcher to draw them in.

What Windows Phone Needs To Do To Get iOS and Android user

Training… FFS get the employees at the various carrier stores up t speed on the positive aspects of WP. Far too many stories of customers asking about WP and the customer being told WP sucks, simply because they are talking to an android fanboy behind the counter.

Incentives… Give some incentive with chances to win stuff for the retail staff. Not sure what rules there may be, but do something like this to encourage them to learn the platform, and how to sell it.

Have a WP customer incentive program. If I as a WP enthusiast gets someone to buy a WP, give me some WP store credit. surely there is a way to do that. We love showing off our phones, but turn us into sales people working for you all day long. If I get 10 people to buy a new WP maybe I get a $50 app store or MS store credit.

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