Why I Hate Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Maybe if Samsung did not cripple their phones and make them disposable people would be willing to pay more for them. A top spec 700 dollar phone that I can add storage to, or replace the battery after a year or two should be usable for quite some time.

Even if I upgrade more often my old phone might still be useful for friends or family. Without expandable storage and with an expoxied battery I’ll be lucky if I get to two years. The nexus 5’s primary problem today isn’t the cpu/ram (the 5p is still 2GB ram), but that it’s battery that was weak to start with is embarassingly bad now.

I expected that on the Samsung galaxy s6 to skip microsd and removable battery to cater to those who value small/thin above all, but was very disappointed to see similar on the note 5. The Samsung galaxy Note 5, just like Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge came with non removable battery. Imagine buying a $1000 phone that will be a brick after two years.

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