Why I Hate Windows Phone and Leaving it after 2 months

I got a windows phone for Christmas this year, a Huawei W1 for straight talk. Basically a 520. I really tried to give the platform a chance, but there was nothing but bugs. (Props to the OS to run on 512mb of ram though). The phone I had before was a Pantech Hotshot, a 4th gen iPod touch and I own a Nexus 7 with 4.4.3 I was very excited to try out this platform that I’ve heard so much about, which is why I chose it. And the first thing I noticed when I used it for the first time was how smooth everything was, and especially on the specs it was running on. The thrill of the customizable accents throughout the OS and all of the live tiles was with me after the first month. People always asked me what kind of phone I had, because of how cool it looked, and I was glad to explain. Now, the bugs. My phone started randomly turning off about twice a day, and my friend with his HTC 8x does this also.

Why I Hate Windows Phone and Leaving it after 2 months

Apps crash big time. Always. Facebook, 6snap, twitter, even messaging. The apps would go to the “resuming…” screen and never go off, even if I hit the home button, back, even search. Nothing helped, it just was made worse. Sometimes it would just skip right past all of that, and be off when I pulled it out of my pocket. Occasionally after charging it for a night, it would crash and be off. And when I went to turn it on in the morning it would say that I have no battery, even though it was charging all night. Now, secondary gripes. * The goddamn sideways keyboard. Why is it stuck in the middle of the screen?? * The search button, does anyone ever use that more than multitasking? * The unnecessary animations. * The app store, I just wanted to play the real flappy bird. * The integrated Facebook chat never worked. * The preconfigured accent colors are mostly awful, why can’t you just chose any color? * How the slide up lock screen takes its damn time getting off my screen when I’m in a hurry, or with my hands full, or driving and I can’t give it full force. * The fonts are inconsistent and ugly. * The gdr2 multitasking. * How hard it is to transfer music from iTunes. * OneDrive. *vGoogle services.

But things I love. * The vertical keyboard. * The predictive typing is amazing. * The two-level dedicated camera key * The change of the additude of your phone when your accent color changes. * The lock screens by apps. * Cool tiles. * Unlimited tile room. * Music app. * Xbox. * Everything that’s coming in 8.1 that’s not here yet. *vThe apps that are optimized for wp8, metrotube, SoundCloud etc * Live Tiles

But you may ask, why leave when 8.1 will be announced in a week or so? Well, because I have to. My father’s work made him pay for his own phone, so I’m getting sucked into ATT with him. And when given the choice between any windows phone, and any android phone. For me, the choice is obvious. I’ll enjoy my last few days with WP, but after that I’ll be with my LG G2.

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