Why I support Nokia and not Trojan Horses

Elop ruined the division to the point of having it sold on sale to Microsoft. I just don’t like Trojan horses, even less when they destroy and humiliate a company like Nokia.

I have nothing against Microsoft itself. Just against the couple of people who did this to Nokia: Ballmer and Elop. ’cause within Microsoft, other people were smart enough to see the deal was a bad deal, including Bill Gates and Nadella. Unfortunately Ballmer always shouted his way through everything. And now everyone loses. Nokia lost a division which they’ll have to rebuild in 2016 and Microsoft lost the company and the brand that was selling WP.

I support Nokia. Not Trojan Horses. And Elop WAS a Trojan horse. He did nothing but ruin Nokias share value. If you look at the charts, Nokia kept losing money under his reign but worse, they also lost value. Which led to their D&S division being bought by – SURPRISE – Elop’s ex-employers and with Elop returning to where he came from with a VP post and (at the time) a chance of CEO (thank God it was Nadella).

Why I support Nokia and not Trojan Horses

Back when Nokia was faced with a path forward, Samsung did not dominated Android. That’s a lie. But Elop had to go exclusively with the platform of his ex-employers. How curious. Every logical path pointed towards Android, Nokia’s still high relevance in the market then pointed at a good bet with Android. And surprise surprise, even the Nokia X came to prove that Nokia with Android could have been better succeeded.

I’m giving it the back because Nokia is no longer producing phones. Microsoft Mobile is NOT Nokia. If I buy a phone based on people and that’s what you call a "Nokia", then I can buy a "Nokia" when I buy an iPhone since there are ex-Nokia employees working for Apple. Or I can buy a "Nokia" when I buy a Jolla phones since those are literally made by ex-Nokia employees.

As for "not expanding" my opinion…sorry, but I will not lie or conceal the truth just because it’s not convenient for some. What’s annoying about freedom of speech and democratic societies is that people don’t have to follow and repeat the lies of those who are in command let alone anyone else. You may think that Elop was not a Trojan Horse. Fine. That’s your opinion. But it’s not shared by a lot of real Nokia fans. And those fans will be waiting to welcome Nokia back in 2016 and welcome back every single Nokia employee that goes back to Nokia then. Assuming Microsoft Mobile wasn’t shut down by Microsoft itself in 2016 for lack of profitability.

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